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BAKC Capital Group, LLC

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April 30, 2021 - April 29, 2023

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The Shield Adapter products are the Shield Head Adapter (BADSG family) and Shield Plate Adapter (BADSPC family). They isolate the high frequency common mode current or “electrical noise” path caused by VFDs from the low frequency 50/60Hz equipment in plant installations. Most VFD installations with motors do not allow direct cable runs from the VFD to the motor which “maintains the common mode current return” to its source. Installations may require items such as load reactors, dv/dt filters, terminal block terminations, or output disconnects in front of the motor.  These all require the VFD shielded cable to be cut and intermediate re-terminated hence losing the path of least resistance for the common mode current to return directly to the sourcing VFD.  The Shield Adapter products from BAKC Capital Group, LLC allow this path to be re-established when the cable is cut in between the VFD and motor. Say goodbye to improper intermediate shield and grounding termination, high impedance twisted pigtail shields through terminal blocks, long pigtail antenna shields, and shields that are cut off.  These are just a few items why plants have inappropriate operation of equipment or equipment shut down, loss of communications on networks, VFD faults like overcurrent or ground faults, and uncertainty on how to install VFD shielded cables when broached with these termination challenges. The internet search for solutions is daunting and really left up to the user to interpret what to do as there has been no common mode current clear solution until now for intermediate termination and bonding.  
The BADSG product family can be used on the VFD load output with items like load reactors or filters, and in an output disconnect panel in front of the motor. It can accommodate 16AWG through 500KCMIL shielded cables and three symmetrical grounds. Multiple units can combine for multi cable installations. The BADSPC product family is for terminal block connections on the VFD load output, and load reactors. It can accommodate 16AWG through 2AWG shielded cables. 

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Models: BADSG and BADSPC

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Maintains common mode current for isolated intermediate bonding within 99.9%

Verification Method

Testing commenced with an uninterrupted directly bonded shielded cable from a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) to a motor. The common mode current (CMC) values for the ideal installation was measured. The shielded cable was then interrupted (cut) and terminated with the BAKC product and the common mode current (CMC) was measured again. The common mode current values were compared in support of the claim.

About the Company

BAKC Capital Group, LLC is an engineering company focused on smart shielding solutions used with VFD shielded cable requiring intermediate (cut VFD cable termination) between the VFD and motor. The company offers consultation services with plant grounding and noise issues when using VFDs, along with products to resolve the plant disruptions faced with common mode current return to the sourcing VFDs. For inquiries, please submit to: or call (770) 406-8741 

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