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Garvin Industries - A Southwire Company

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January 13, 2017 - January 12, 2021

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54151-FANNB & 54171-FANNB; 54151-FAN & 54171-FAN Garvin Industries 1-1/2” deep and 2-1/8” deep, 4" octagon fan boxes are used for mounting fixtures, fans, convenience junction boxes or devices. Garvin Industries' octagon boxes are made with a versatile combination head screw. They also come with labor saving installation and mounting tabs that align with most lighting fixtures. Garvin Industries' offers either with our without a bracket. The labor saving bracketed version allow the box to be mounted directly onto structural members and provide unobstructed path for the conduit and cable installation. The flat vertical bracket for new construction allows easy ceiling fan installs. These boxes are UL listed and also UL verified to support up to 250 lbs static load. 

54151-FANNBWP & 54171-FANNBWP; 54151-FANWP & 54171-FANWP Garvin Industries 1-1/2” deep and 2-1/8” deep, 4” weatherproof fan rated boxes are used to install ceiling fans in outdoor porches, patios, gazebos, covered decks, & more. Garvin Industries 4” weatherproof fan rated boxes are manufactured with corrosion resistant Galvanized Steel and are powder coated to maintain a weather tight seal in all outdoor conditions. The watertight boxes have sealed conduit knockouts & sealed nail hole punch out slugs which allow the installer to mount the boxes in many outdoor locations. They can be used to mount fans & heavy fixtures in hard to reach overhead outdoor applications. Garvin supplies either with or without a bracket. These boxes are UL listed and also UL verified to support up to 250 lbs static load. 

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54151-FANNB, 54171-FANNB, 54151-FANNBWP, 54171-FANNBWP, 54151-FAN, 54171-FAN, 54151-FANWP, 54171-FANWP

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Supports Up To 250lbs Static Load

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The 250 lb. load rating was verified using a 375 lb. load (1.5 x load rating), applied for 5 minutes, in a direction normal to the open face of the junction box.

About the Manufacturer

Garvin Industries is a Manufacturer with Distributors that ship internationally. We believe fully in providing customer service that entails live customer support. “When You Call…We Answer” Our company is a 120-Year-Old, Family-owned manufacturer of UL Listed electrical, low voltage and lighting products. See details at: www.garvinindustries.com/whoweare

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