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View the full list of UL Verified marketing claims through the publicly available UL Verify database.

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Cutting through the Noise

The marketplace is filled with a million brands and a barrage of choices. The UL Verified Mark delivers the confidence you need that a brand’s marketing claim is accurate, truthful and credible.

Search for Verified claims by brand, company name, product name and the claim’s unique identifier.

What to Look for Before Buying

Be confident in your purchasing decisions by searching for the UL Verified Mark.

Basic Verification Mark

The UL Verified Mark starts with the basic Verified Mark which includes two important modules.

Claim Module

The claim module provides a high level description of the claims verified by UL Solutions.

Unique Identifier

The unique identifier enables users to look up more information about a specific UL Verification.

Examples of Marketing Claims That UL Solutions Verifies

Our mascara lengthens lashes 3.5 times more than previous formulations.

Our software records, monitors and reconciles accounts and transactions in real-time.

Our additive protects a car’s undercarriage for two years.

We ship orders in less than 2 hours.