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91% of consumers personally verify brand packaging claims by checking labels and searching for information on third-party sites.

Stand out in the crowded marketplace with independent confirmation of your product’s key features or benefits.

Get UL Verified

Anatomy of the UL Verified Mark

The UL Verified Mark is a distinctive way to differentiate your brand and its marketing claim. It starts with the basic UL Verified Mark and includes two important modules.

1 Claim Module

The basic Verified Mark indicates that UL has Verified the marketing claim.

2 Basic Verification Mark

All claims include this Verified Mark to indicate it has been tested and Verified by UL Solutions.

3 Unique Identifier

The unique identifier enables customers to look up more information about a specific marketing claim Verified by UL Solutions.

For small products, the claim language may be immediately adjacent to the basic UL Verified Mark or may feature, in text, "UL Verified," the unique identifier and the approved claim language in lieu of the Verified Mark.

UL Verification Process

Our marketing claim Verification process is based on rigorous, repeatable and independent assessments.

Marketing Claim Discussion

Let us help you differentiate your brand.

Protocol Development

We identify the right approach to determine the accuracy of your claim.

Claim Testing/Evaluation

With scientific rigor, we thoroughly evaluate the validity of each claim.

Promote Your Verification

Promote your Verified claim on your packaging and promotional materials.

Market Surveillance/ Expiration

You can use our Verified Mark for a specific time period or have your claim reassessed at specific intervals.