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April 26, 2017 - April 25, 2025

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ADK STAB* FP-2000 series Intumescent type "ADK STAB FP-2000 Series" are novel halogen free flame retardants with a phosphorus based composite. The products can suppress generation of black smoke-related CO and acid gas during combustion. This can enhance fire safety should a fire occur. FP-2000 series has been developed for polyolefins such as polypropylene (PP), polyethylene (PE), and its copolymers. It can provide excellent flame retardancy while maintaining desired mechanical properties. There are number of successful projects in E&E housing, construction material and wire & cable. Two products in the series: - FP-2100JC has the highest heat stability among the series and is applicable for high temperature processing. - FP-2500S is the lower dust release version of FP-2000 series designed to improve industrial hygiene. * "ADK STAB" is not used as a trademark in USA.

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ADK STAB FP-2000 Series

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FP-2100JC , FP-2500S

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99% Less Smoke Density and 89% Less CO Emissions Under Flaming Conditions as compared to Br Treated PP

Verification Method

Client supplied brominated flame retardant reference samples and non-brominated flame retardant samples. Both sample sets were made with the same base plastic (Polypropylene). All sample sets (1.6 mm) were tested to UL-94 and were required to achieve the same rating (V-0) to prove that all samples were manufactured for "real world" performance (i.e. no samples were over/under formulated to provide unrealistic performance). Both sample sets (100mm x 100mm x 3.0mm Thk) were tested to ISO 5660-1 for smoke density and carbon monoxide (CO) emission performance for flaming combustion condition (35 kW/m2). Performance data was compared to establish the Claim.

About the Company

ADEKA is one of the biggest suppliers of polymer additives, having a large product portfolio. Since its foundation in 1917 in Tokyo, Japan, ADEKA has supplied the finest products and solutions to the global market. Through 7 production sites and 13 sales offices around the world, ADEKA offers the fastest and best solution to your demand.

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