Robotic Cable Test Process Verification


Suzhou Cableplus Technologies Co., Ltd.

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May 03, 2018 - May 02, 2025

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The test process audit was conducted at the following location: Suzhou Cableplus Technologies Co., Ltd. No 7, Nanxin Road, Changkun Industrial Park Shajiabang, Changshu Jiangsu, China

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No 7, Nanxin Road, Changkun Industrial Park, Shajiabang, Changshu, Jiangsu, China

Marketing Claim Verified by UL Solutions

Robotic Cable: Bend, Torsion, and Chain Track Cycle Test Process Verified

Verification Method

Verification of factory lab test process or processes including an audit of equipment calibration, testing personnel training records and procedural documents associated with the noted test process or processes.

About the Company

Suzhou Cableplus Technologies Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as: Cableplus Technologies), the headquarter of which is in Hong Kong, is a special wire and cable manufacturing enterprise, founded in China by Cableplus Technologies Co. Ltd. and Zhongli Science and Technology Group Co., Ltd. Cableplus Technologies possesses powerful abilities in the fields of R&D, testing and manufacturing. We are a leading enterprise of special industrial wire and cable in China. In addition, Cableplus Technologies aims to be an evergreen enterprise in the wire and cable industry, and also to be a unique and world class technology-driven company. Cableplus has established extensive business in many regions such as China, Asia‐Pacific, Europe and America. Our products serve a number of industries including automotive, automation, electronic, manufacturing engineering, communication technology, and the chemical industry. Additionally, our products have been applied in the aerospace industry on the Shenzhou‐VII spaceship. The products of Cableplus include rail transit cables, new energy vehicle cables, photoelectric composite cables for signal transmission, robot towline cables, cables for medical instruments, sensor cables, and flexible fluororesin cables. For some high‐end customers worldwide, Cableplus Technologies designs & develops cables which have particular performance, such as high temperature resistance, strong acid/alkaline resistance, oil resistance, etc., used in special industries, and also provides integrated solutions. These professional & high qualitative products and service have not just brought reliable products and technical support for our customers, but also increased the value itself of their products. These customers include: CSR, HUAWEI, ABB, Foxboro, EDRIVE, Siemens, FAW, Honeywell, ESTUN, Videojet, FURUKAWA, Amphenol, BALLUFF, Volex, Phillips, and others. Cableplus Technologies, links the intelligent industrial meridian. 苏州科宝光电科技有限公司(以下称:科宝光电)总部在香港、系香港科宝技术有限公司与中利科技集团股份有限公司设立在中国大陆的特种电线电缆专业制造企业。 科宝光电拥有强大的研发、试验、制造实力,是中国工业用特种电线电缆的龙头企业。矢志打造特种电线电缆行业中的长青企业,并成为具独特性、技术型之世界级企业。公司业务范围辐射国内及亚太、欧美地区,产品涉及领域包括汽车工业、自动化工业、电子工业、机械制造工程、通讯技术、化学工业,更被用于“神七”飞船航天工业领域。 科宝光电产品系列包括:轨道交通电缆、新能源汽车电缆、光电复合信号传输电缆、机器人/拖链类电缆、医疗器械缆、传感器线、柔性氟树脂电缆,为全球高端客户设计和开发具有特殊要求的耐高温、抗强酸碱性、抗油脂等工业特殊领域需求的线缆,并为客户提供整体解决方案。这些专业、高品质的产品及服务带给客户的不仅是可靠的产品和技术支持,更为客户自身产品带来了更高的价值。这些用户包括:中国南车、华为、ABB、Foxboro、电驱动、Siemens、中国一汽、Honeywell、埃斯顿、Videojet、Furukawa、Amphenol、Balluff、Volex、Phillips 等。 科宝光电,连通智能工业经脉。 

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