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October 10, 2022 - October 09, 2024

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The iMFLUX system is comprised of software controller, melt pressure sensor and user interface.  It is compatible with virtually any machine from any manufacturer – hydraulic, electric, hybrid, new or old.  You can standardize across your operation, keeping it simple for your engineers and enabling state-of-the-art process control.

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iMFLUX system

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iMFLUX delivers up to 15% energy savings, up to 4% part weight reduction and automatically adapts to ± 52% MFI material shift

Verification Method

Using the same injection molding machine, mold and runner system, a high melt flow index (MFI) material was run for one hour using the machines process controller and iMFLUX controller turned off. The machine was run for another one hour using the same high MFI material with iMFLUX controller turned on. At the end of each hour, energy consumption and part weight were measured along with visuals for shorts and flash. The machine was run for another one hour using a low MFI material and iMFLUX controller turned on without making any manual process changes. At the end of this hour, part weights were measured along with visuals for shorts and flash.

About the Company

Fearless innovators transforming the future of injection molding, iMFLUX can take what you do and make it better.  They are the only company that integrates game-changing processing software and machine learning to make your injection molding goals a reality.

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