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Shenzhen LAMP Technology Co., Ltd

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Expiration date:

March 08, 2023 - March 07, 2025

Verification Mark

Applicable To:

LMini0.6; LMini0.6 Pro; LMini0.6 Plus; UMini W0.6; UMini W0.6 Pro; UMini W0.6 Plus; UMini F0.6; UMini F0.6 Pro; UMini F0.6 Plus; LMini0.7, LMini0.7 Pro, LMini0.7 Plus, UMini W0.7, UMini W0.7 Pro, UMini W0.7 Plus, UMini F0.7, UMini F0.7 Pro, UMini F0.7 Plus; LMini0.8, LMini0.8 Pro, LMini0.8 Plus, UMini W0.8, UMini W0.8 Pro, UMini W0.8 Plus, UMini F0.8, UMini F0.8 Pro, UMini F0.8 Plus; LMini0.9, LMini0.9 Pro, LMini0.9 Plus, UMini W0.9, UMini W0.9 Pro, UMini W0.9 Plus, UMini F0.9, UMini F0.9 Pro, UMini F0.9 Plus; LMini1.0, LMini1.0 Pro, LMini1.0 Plus, UMini W1.0, UMini W1.0 Pro, UMini W1.0 Plus, UMini F1.0, UMini F1.0 Pro, UMini F1.0 Plus; LMini1.1, LMini1.1 Pro, LMini1.1 Plus, UMini W1.1, UMini W1.1 Pro, UMini W1.1 Plus, UMini F1.1, UMini F1.1 Pro, UMini F1.1 Plus; LMini1.2, LMini1.2 Pro, LMini1.2 Plus, UMini W1.2, UMini W1.2 Pro, UMini W1.2 Plus, UMini F1.2, UMini F1.2 Pro, UMini F1.2 Plus; LMini1.5, LMini1.5 Pro, LMini1.5 Plus, UMini W1.5, UMini W1.5 Pro, UMini W1.5 Plus, UMini F1.5, UMini F1.5 Pro, UMini F1.5 Plus; LMini1.8, LMini1.8 Pro, LMini1.8 Plus, UMini W1.8, UMini W1.8 Pro, UMini W1.8 Plus, UMini F1.8, UMini F1.8 Pro, UMini F1.8 Plus; LMini1.9, LMini1.9 Pro, LMini1.9 Plus, UMini W1.9, UMini W1.9 Pro, UMini W1.9 Plus, UMini F1.9, UMini F1.9 Pro, UMini F1.9 Plus

Marketing Claim Verified by UL Solutions

Low Blue Light Hardware Solution Platinum

Verification Method

The minimum qualification criteria under this program is as follows: - Blue light risk group “Exempt” or better, per IEC 62471 Ed. 1.0, Photobiological Safety Of Lamps And Lamp Systems or measured luminance less than 104 cd*m-2 (per IEC 62471:2006 Cl. 4.1) - Color Temperature between 5500K and 7000K - The radiance ratio of light in the range 415nm-455nm verses a total range of 400nm-500nm cannot exceed 52% A radiance ratio not greater than 52% is required for “Bronze” level performance. A radiance ratio not greater than 50% is required for “Silver” level performance. A radiance ratio not greater than 48% is required for “Gold” level performance. A radiance ratio not greater than 40% is required for “Platinum” level performance.

What is UL Verification?

UL Verification is an objective, science-based assessment that confirms the accuracy of marketing claims. Our independent assessment process scrutinizes the validity of specific advertising or promotional statements, giving you a way to separate verified fact from fiction.