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Toppan Inc

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April 14, 2023 - July 13, 2024

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Toppan has developed a fire propagation suppression film that reacts to the heat generated by a fire and releases an aerosol that has an extinguishing effect.

The fire propagation suppressing film uses fire-extinguishing materials with high fire-extinguishing capability and is highly durable by utilizing Toppan's coating technology and the high barrier performance of "GL BARRIER," a barrier film product. This is a seal-type product with an adhesive layer for ease of installation. It is a film that can be attached anywhere.

By attaching this product to the case of a lithium-ion battery or to the inside of a power distribution board or distribution board equipment, it is highly effective for initial fire extinguishing and fire spread control in the event of a fire caused by a malfunction in the battery or a short circuit in the wiring of a power distribution board. 

The film uses no substances that pose a risk to humans or the environment and produces no harmful gases when it is activated.

By attaching it inside storage battery modules used in storage battery systems and electric vehicles, it is expected to immediately extinguish the cell (lithium-ion battery) even if it should catch fire, thereby suppressing similar fires and minimizing damage.

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Fire propagation suppressing film characteristics Verified per JSA S1011

Verification Method

Performance was assessed per JSA-S1011:2022, Performance evaluation test of fire propagation suppressing film (FSfilm) used in secondary lithium cell systems. Test Method Summary: The test method was performed multiple times without FSfilm and with FSfilm to verify the film characteristics. The client supplied test apparatus consists of using three 18650 cylindrical cells with an energy density of 3600 mAh placed adjacent to each other and inside of an enclosure per the standard. The middle cell was forced into thermal runaway by driving a nail into it and the adjacent cells are measured and observed to determine if they went into thermal runaway. When the test method was run using the FSfilm, the film had an adhesive backing and was applied inside and outside of the enclosure consisting of a typical total weight of 4.6 grams and a total area of 300 cm2. In some cases, three layers of the FSfilm was used to achieve the total desired weight. Test Results without FSfilm Thermal runaway of one or more adjacent cells occurred 2 out of 5 times when no FSfilm was used. The average time for thermal runaway of the first adjacent cell without the FSfilm installed for the two runs was 578 seconds. Test Results with FSfilm No thermal runaway of the adjacent cells occurred 5 out of 5 times with the FSfilm. The average total area of FSfilm consumed (confirmed visually) was 136 cm2 and estimated weight consumed is 2.1g. Note: All tests conducted used the same supplier and model of 18650 cells. Alternate cell suppliers or models may perform differently in this test, and thus the test results are not indicative of all lithium-ion battery types.

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