Flame Delay Thermoplastic Material


Kolon Plastics Inc

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December 19, 2023 - December 18, 2024

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KompoGTe UE1G60BLW1 is a high flow, halogen free flame retardant, homopolymer with 60% continuous glass fiber, developed for lithium-ion battery and automotive press molded applications. The glass fibers are chemically coupled to the PP matrix, resulting in high stiffness and strength. This material has been designed to combine a good performance profile with good processing and offers a unique intumescence capability that helps with fire performance. 

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KompoGTe UE1G60BLW1

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Withstands 500 KPa and 270°C per UL 2596

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Testing was completed according to UL 2596, Test Method for Thermal and Mechanical Performance of Battery Enclosure Materials, using the thermal runaway box test. KompoGTe UE1G60BLW1 withstood 500 kPa internal box pressure and 270°C maximum internal box temperature (enclosure ambient), with no rupture or perforation of the test panel. Results based on 3 replicate tests, with panel thickness of 2 mm.

About the Company

KOLON PLASTICS has a variety of engineering plastics products from PA, PBT, PET, POM, TPEE, transparent materials and various alloy products. In addition, its variety even reaches to super engineering plastic product, PPS, and based on the variety, the company is providing the products the customers want in a timely manner. 
We have a sales network in over 90 countries around the globe including Japan, USA and Europe, and also have domestic branches with lots of experience. Based on such cumulated technical ability, 
R&D ability and global marketing ability, we will provide various services at all times by standing on the side of our customers. 

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