Household Dishwasher (2 Rack)



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December 28, 2023 - December 27, 2024

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Up to 4 times less moisture remaining after a complete cycle

Verification Method

Products assessed under this investigation: Sample A: Midea America Corporation Model MDF24P1BST with hybrid tub design and two racks. Sample B: A representative dishwasher with hybrid tub design and two racks, purchased in the open market in 2023. Test set-up: Product is installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Test unit is installed in a rectangular enclosure made of wood and painted black as described in 10cfr Part 430 Subpart B, Appendix C1 [77 FR 65982, Oct. 31, 2012, as amended at 81 FR 90120, Dec. 13, 2016] section 2.1. A countertop is placed on top of the enclosure. - The test load consists of all plastic items, free from cracks or other damage (10 each): • Munchkin 8 oz cups • Winco – 16 oz Clear plastic Tumbler/stackable restaurant beverage cups • NUK First Essentials Bunch-a-Bowls small plastic bowls - Dishwasher is pre-conditioned by running two test cycles using rinse aid and detergent to ensure the unit is clean and free of residue. - Items are loaded in the upper dish rack only. - Dishwasher is tested using the normal cycle recommended by the manufacturer. If a heated dry option is available, it was selected and operated at the maximum drying setting - 30 minutes after the completion of the cycle, the door is opened, and evaluation immediately started - A 100% cotton towel is placed on a scale and the scare is tared. All contents of the dishwasher, including the inner walls of the washer are wiped, then the towel is reweighed.

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