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Northbrook Park District, Techny Prairie Activity Center

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January 19, 2024 - January 18, 2025

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Techny Prairie Activity Center (TPAC), a facility of the Northbrook Park District, is a state-of-the-art facility located in beautiful Techny Prairie Park and Fields. With sweeping views of the surrounding prairie and Anetsberger Golf Course, you will feel immersed in nature and open space while experiencing a future-forward sustainable and highly efficient Net-Zero Energy facility. 

TPAC is a PHIUS+ 2015 & Source Zero Certified Project from the Passive House Institute US and is the third building to be verified net zero in the state of Illinois. The facility opened to the public in January 2021 and has remained sustainably net zero since original verification in March 2022. Essentially, this facility serves over 1,500 fitness members and hundreds of monthly gymnasium visitors while producing more energy than it consumes.

Techny Prairie Activity Center meets all of your fitness and recreation needs in one of the most beautiful settings in Northbrook featuring an expansive fitness floor with cardio, strength and functional fitness training equipment, two group fitness studios, an indoor track and stretching area, a multipurpose gymnasium for basketball, pickleball and volleyball and the Prairie Room rental space. 

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Techny Prairie Activity Center, 180 Anets Drive, Northbrook, IL 60062-5452

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Verified Ventilation & Filtration ≥ 99% Hourly Aerosol Removal in High Density Areas Powered by SafeTraces

Verification Method

The evaluation for this Verification is conducted in two parts: Part 1: Base Building Review The building owner or operator shall submit the documentation necessary to confirm their space or facility's ability to meet at least 2 effective air changes per hour (eACH). The UL Solutions team will review mechanical schedules, cutsheets, HVAC system design and zoning, installed filtration media, etc. to verify the inputs for the ASHRAE eACH calculations. Part 2: SafeTraces Data and Results Review The base building review will also validate the Part 2 testing plan for high density areas space determination and sampling strategy. For Commercial Office Buildings, defined as a building primarily or exclusively containing leased or occupant-owned office space, the criteria for high-density areas are as follows: (1) enclosed; (2) ceiling heights 12 feet or less; (3) with a population density >1 person per 200 square feet; (4) that are occupied on average by two or more people; and (5) 15 minutes or greater average occupancy time per person. This may include but not be limited to conference rooms, cubicle areas, break rooms, lobbies, etc. All Part 2 testing result data will be rigorously reviewed to ensure the spaces are meeting stated claims. Empirical verification is required for at least 10% of all high-density areas defined above and include a minimum of 2 locations per space type. The verification must show the high-density areas achieve >99% hourly aerosol removal based on aerosol tracer-based field results. The areas verified shall be randomly selected (i.e., unbiased selection) from the identified high-density areas.

About the Company

Established in 1927, Northbrook Park District serves a population of approximately 34,058 residents in a service area of approximately 13 square miles. The District operates and maintains 543 acres of property and holds title to 29 parcels including community parks, neighborhood parks, play lots and passive parks. Unique and premier facilities include Techny Prairie Activity Center, Heritage Oaks Golf Club, the Ed Rudolph Velodrome (banked bicycle racing track), Leisure Center, Northbrook Theatre and the Northbrook Sports Center. Outdoor recreational offerings include two outdoor swimming facilities, 36 holes of golf, practice range, two sled hills, dozens of baseball/softball and soccer fields, multiple courts and playgrounds, numerous picnic areas and trails and two fishing lakes.

The Park District provides a full range of indoor and outdoor activities. Major programs include golf, before school and after school programming, summer camps, ice skating, fitness, performing arts, athletics, preschool and aquatics along with dozens of special events offered each year. The Park District is affiliated with the Northern Suburban Special Recreation Association (NSSRA) to provide recreational activities and services for residents with special needs. For more information, visit

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