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July 13, 2018 - January 15, 2020

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ThinkCentre M920z SIT

Marketing Claim Verified by UL Solutions

Anti-Dust Protection SILVER PLUS

Verification Method

This test program is developing by a new UL standard (UL 8203 - Performance Testing for Ingress of Fibrous Indoor Dust). This test is utilizing a dust chamber capable of simulating floated dust that comprises household fibrous dust and accounted for one year of dust accumulation (i.e., 2 kg). After the test, the following measurements are carried out: (1) ingress of dust (mg), (2) performance degradation (%), (3) noise increment (dB), and (4) touch temperature rise (°C). The measured results that resulted in providing the SILVER PLUS rating are as follows: Ingress of dust - 2.03g Performance degradation - 0% Noise increment - 2.1dB Touch temperature rise - 1.1 degC

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Lenovo’s now the world No. 1 PC maker and Lenovo’s dedicated to innovate their products and differentiate their products from others.

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UL Verification is an objective, science-based assessment that confirms the accuracy of marketing claims. Our independent assessment process scrutinizes the validity of specific advertising or promotional statements, giving you a way to separate verified fact from fiction.