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Lapp USA, Inc.

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August 23, 2018 - August 22, 2024

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LAPP’s Continuous Flex Test Method Verification helps to assist in determining a product’s point of degradation with regards to electrical and mechanical parameters based on the amount of continuous flexing cycles it has undergone. This method also allows the end-user to estimate a preventative maintenance program based on the product’s cycle life performance. The need to perform Continuous Flexing testing is driven by ever evolving Industry and real-world applications. To offer products compliant with the end-use application, LAPP’s test methods and parameters have been carefully developed based on several years of industry experience and customer feedback. Rather than to merely imply with generic type statements that our cables were simply “extremely flexible”, LAPP’s innovative principles drove them to devise the standard for continuous flexing cable performance guidelines. These guidelines otherwise known as LAPP's Motion type attributes have become the standard to follow in the continuous flexing cable industry used by contractors, designers, equipment manufacturers, and end-users alike.

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Audited Location: 29 Hanover Road, Florham Park, NJ 07932

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Continuous Flex Test Method Verified

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Verification of continuous flex test method, processes, and attributes through audit of procedural documents, training records, calibrated equipment, and system functionality.

About the Company

In 1957, Oskar Lapp, founder of the company, developed ÖLFLEX®. Today, about 3,700 employees across 50 companies throughout the world contribute daily to LAPP with their dedication, knowledge and ideas. As a result, the range of products extends from cable, cables accessories, cable handling systems, cable harnessing to industrial connectors, and communication technology. Based on mutually adapted systems, the range of products and services has been continuously extended over the years. LAPP provides a unique product and service portfolio with manufacturing competence. Since its foundation, the LAPP North America has expanded its market presence through the establishment of multiple subsidiaries to better address customer needs both technically and regionally. LAPP North America was first established in New Jersey in 1976. Since then we have relocated to a newly renovated 130,000 square foot facility in Florham Park, which houses a modernized manufacturing plant along with a State-of-the-Art Research and Development test laboratory that is an active participant in the UL Client Test Data Program. LAPP is a pioneer in products designed for dynamic applications (Continuous Flexing, Torsional, Robotic, etc.) with over 55 years of product development experience with this methodology and technology.

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