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Ashley Furniture Industries, Inc.

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January 23, 2019 - September 18, 2023

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* This information was provided by Ashley Furniture Industries, Inc. and may contain additional information outside the scope of this Claim Verification.

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B070-31, B070-46, B071-31, B071-46, B099-21, B099-46, B102-21, B102-46, B103-21, B103-46 , B104-31, B104-46, B105-31, B105-46, B128-31, B128-46, B129-31, B129-46, B131-21, B131-46, B132-21, B132-46, B136-31, B136-46, B138-31, B138-46, B139-31, B139-38, B139-46, B150-21, B150-47, B175-31, B175-46, B179-31, B179-46, B188-21, B188-46, B196-31, B196-46, B200-11, B200-31, B200-46, B207-21, B207-46, B208-31, B208-39, B208-46, B209-31, B209-46, B211-11, B211-31, B211-46, B212-21, B212-44, B213-21, B213-39, B213-46, B215-31, B215-46, B216-31, B216-39, B217-31, B217-46, B219-31, B219-39, B219-46, B221-11, B221-31, B221-46, B221-48, B224-31, B224-46, B224-49, B227-31, B227-46, B228-21, B228-46, B230-11, B230-31, B230-46, B246-31, B246-46, B246-49, B248-31, B248-46, B249-31, B249-46, B251-21, B251-31, B251-39, B251-46, B255-11, B255-31, B255-46, B257-31, B257-46, B258-31, B258-46, B264-31, B264-46, B267-21, B267-31, B267-46, B267-48, B268-31, B268-46, B270-31, B270-39, B270-46, B271-31, B271-39, B271-46, B292-31, B292-43, B292-46, B214-31, B214-46, B304-31, B304-46, B314-31, B314-46, B315-31, B315-46, B315-48, B320-31, B320-46, B325-31, B325-46, B331-11, B331-31, B331-46, B336-31, B336-46, B347-31, B347-46, B348-31, B348-46, B351-31, B351-46, B357-31, B357-46, B369-31, B369-46, B329-46, B329-31, B408-31, B408-46, B440-31, B440-46, B440-48, B446-21, B446-31, B446-32, B446-46, B457-31, B457-46, B555-31, B555-46, B362-21, B362-45, B376-31, B376-46, B378-31, B378-46, B429-31, B429-46, B473-31, B473-46, B485-21, B485-45, B440-21, B502-21, B502-45, B510-31, B510-46, B514-31, B514-46, B518-31, B518-48, B521-21, B521-45, B526-31, B526-46, B553-131, B553-46, B556-31, B556-46, B560-31, B560-46, B574-46, B579-31, B579-46, B594-31, B594-46, B549-31, B549-46, B537-31, B537-46, B623-31, B623-46, B624-31, B624-46, B628-31, B628-46, B630-31, B630-46, B633-31, B633-46, B642-31, B642-46, B647-131, B647-146, B650-31, B650-46, B652-46, B672-31, B672-46, B672-48, B693-31, B693-46, B697-31, B697-39, B697-46, B609-46, B609-31, B617-31, B617-46, B712-31, B712-46, B712-48, B718-31, B718-46, B719-31, B719-46, B720-31, B720-46, B722-31, B722-46, B723-31, B723-46, B728-31, B728-46, B729-31, B729-46, B730-31, B730-46, B732-31, B732-46, B733-31, B733-39, B733-46, B734-31, B734-46, B736-31, B736-46, B750-31, B750-46, B754-31, B754-48, B775-31, B775-46, B780-31, B780-46, B726-31, B726-45, B738-31, B738-46, B574-31, B743-45, B765-31, B777-46, B777-31, B743-21, B765-46, B776-31, B776-46, B737-31, B737-46, B740-31, B740-46, B741-31, B741-48, B743-31, B743-46, B788-31, B788-46, B552-31, B552-46, B192-31, B192-46, B192-11, B385-31, B385-46, B410-21, B410-45, B326-31, B502-21, B502-45, B803-31, B803-46, B297-31, B297-46, B476-46, B476-31, B814-48, B814-46, B718-45, B814-31, B302-31, B302-46, B740-45, B513-31, B513-46, B731-46, B731-31, B517-46, B517-31, B813-48, B813-46, B748-31, B748-46, B798-31, B798-46, B798-48, B1738-31, B446-19, B200-19, B102-19, B1420-31, B342-46, B806-31, B806-46, 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Marketing Claim Verified by UL Solutions

Product Stability (50 lbs.) Verified

Verification Method

Products are evaluated to stability requirements of ASTM F2057-2019. Testing consists of hanging a 50 lb. weight from a single open drawer/door and opening all drawers and doors simultaneously. Units must remain stable and not tip over during the testing. Products are required to be tested every 12 months. Critical design attributes will be documented for annual Factory surveillance program. All performance critical design attributes or components will be documented including pictures of the products. These critical design attributes include but are not limited to dimensions, weight, , drawer slide length, and general construction attributes such as number of drawers or doors. If critical design attributes are changed, testing must be repeated to demonstrate product meets stability requirements of ASTM F2057-2019 are still met. All Factory locations that apply the UL Verification Mark will be visited by a UL Field Engineer once per year to ensure: 1) Proper use of UL Verification Mark 2) Product attributes are same as tested units 3) Repeat stability testing on selected units 4) Record keeping and documentation that shows which products have been tested at UL Verified test sites and what products are scheduled to be tested 5) On-going communication between test lab and factory location on any changes in test results and UL Verification Mark eligibility. 6) MFR is following testing, manufacturing and shipment schedule for new products as developed by UL and Supplier.

About the Company

In 1970, Ron Wanek, Founder & Chairman of Ashley Furniture Industries, Inc., set out with a group of investors to make a difference in the furniture industry by forming Arcadia Furniture Corporation. This start up furniture manufacturing company, was located in Arcadia, Wisconsin and employed 35 employees in a 35,000-sq. ft. building. In 1982, Arcadia Furniture Corporation restructured into Ashley Furniture Industries, Inc. Today, Ashley Furniture is the world’s largest furniture manufacturer and the largest furniture retailer in North America, serving over 155 countries worldwide. With a global supply chain, the company has grown to more than 26,000 employees worldwide and over 17,000,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing and distribution center space. Ashley has always been focused on manufacturing, quality, product, logistics, innovation, and customer service, successfully managing 14 major “rebirths” since the company’s inception. The company continues to strategically develop new products and aggressively tailor operations to address the demands of their customers. Ashley’s vision is, “We want to be the best furniture company”. We strive for nothing less than earning the loyalty and trust of our employees and customers every day. We realize it is a privilege for our products to be invited into our customers’ homes and we strive to exceed their expectations. Because of this, Ashley has developed a passion for quality, and has developed state-of-the-art worldwide physical testing labs allowing the company to continually analyze the quality of our raw materials, construction methods and finished products. Today, Ashley is a family company. Ron’s son, Todd Wanek, is President and CEO of the company. Ron’s other two children and three grandchildren are also actively involved in the company’s day to day operations. 

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UL Verification is an objective, science-based assessment that confirms the accuracy of marketing claims. Our independent assessment process scrutinizes the validity of specific advertising or promotional statements, giving you a way to separate verified fact from fiction.