Plastic Additive


Renmatix Inc.

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Expiration date:

June 12, 2019 - June 11, 2020

Verification Mark

Applicable To:

Omno Polymer RMJ05

Marketing Claim Verified by UL Solutions

Zero loss of tensile strength property in polypropylene after 7800 hours exposure at 90°C

Verification Method

Tensile Strength testing conducted per UL 746A, Standard for Polymeric Materials - Short Term Property Evaluations, Section 10 and conditioning per UL 746A, Standard for Polymeric Materials - Long Term Property Evaluations.

What is UL Verification?

UL Verification is an objective, science-based assessment that confirms the accuracy of marketing claims. Our independent assessment process scrutinizes the validity of specific advertising or promotional statements, giving you a way to separate verified fact from fiction.