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June 19, 2019 - June 18, 2025

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RedZone Contaminant Control Package
In conjunction with Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Science and Technology Directorate (S&T) and in partnership with the North Carolina State University Textile Protection and Comfort Center (TPACC), LION developed a structural turnout with enhanced protection from hazardous particulates contained in smoke and soot that may infiltrate the ensemble interfaces, the Redzone Contaminant Control Package.

The particulate blocking ensemble: 
· Blocks particulate ingress at key interface areas (turnout coat, pant, glove boot interfaces and closures) as confirmed by the Particle Inward Leakage Test (section NFPA 1971, 2018 Ed) and shows less than 1 microgram exposure over the entire ensemble.

· Performs consistently with existing LION turnout standards for heat stress management and mobility.

· NC State sweating manikin results were used to calculate THL (Total Heat Loss) performance for the baseline V-Force garment and the garment with RedZone particulate blocking enhancements. Comparisons show no discernable difference between the two garments. 

· Requires no change in donning/doffing procedures 

· Certified to meets NFPA 1971; 2018 ed. 
RedZone coat and pants offer the following particulate blocking features: 
· Elasticized wrist shields and enhanced IsoDri ® knit wristlets with Nomex ® Nano Flex block particulates at the coat-to-glove interface.

· A Nomex ® Nano multilayered composite with an elasticized band that blocks particulate ingress at the coat-to-pant interface. 

· A closure guard that engages with just one zip. No extra steps to don the gear. Red hook and loop indicate when turnout coat is properly closed.

· An elasticized ankle shield and Nomex ® Nano Flex calf protector help block particulate exposure at the pant-to-boot interface.

· Pair the RedZone turnout with the RedZone particulate blocking hood for additional exposure reduction. The Redzone Hood is a breathable, ultra-soft hood with StedAir Prevent that helps protect the head and neck from particulates, while also providing excellent mobility and unrestricted hearing during firefighting activities.
All of the protective features added to the V-Force® garments can be retrofitted into existing V-Force turnout gear. 
“Laboratory tests, including tests to determine vapor infiltration and fluorescent particle tests, were critical to demonstrating that both approaches prevent smoke and particulates from reaching the firefighter’s skin, protecting them from hazardous vapors and materials. In addition, testing using TPACC’s PyroMan® and physiological manikins proved the new approaches offer improved flashfire protection and similar comfort level when compared to standard turnout gear.” – DHS FACT SHEET
DHS PRESS RELEASE (Nov 1, 2017) - New Turnout Ensemble Aims to Reduce Firefighter Cancer Risk “We worked with TPACC and LION to develop turnout ensemble garments that afford firefighters the same level of fit, functionality and comfort as their existing turnout gear with added protection from particulate infiltration at garment interfaces.”
DHS FACT SHEET (Oct 6, 2017) - Smoke and Particulate Resistant Structural Turnout Ensemble Fact Sheet “By reducing the potential for chronic dermal exposures to toxic fireground compounds, over time this ensemble and the technologies developed during this research will help to improve the well-being and safety of firefighters.” 

* This information was provided by Lion First Responder PPE Inc DBA LION and may contain additional information outside the scope of this Claim Verification.

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LION V-Force with RedZone Contaminant Control Package, A-RedZone (Coat): CVBM or CVFM, A-RedZone (Pant): PVFM or PVHM

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No ingress at turnout coat, pant, glove, boot interfaces and closures

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Testing per NFPA 1971 Section 8.66, Particle Inward Leakage test - Garment elements were evaluated - Helmet, glove, footwear and hood elements as specified by the manufacturer were used to complete the ensemble Section 8.48, Whole Garment and Ensemble Liquid Penetration Test - Garment elements were evaluated - Helmet, glove, footwear and hood elements as specified by the manufacturer were used to complete the ensemble

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LION is an American, family-owned, fourth generation company founded in 1898 that is focused on fulfilling the personal safety, readiness, and identity needs of firefighters and emergency first responders worldwide. LION’s long history of pioneering safety innovations for the fire service means it protects more major metropolitan fire departments than any other company in the U.S. LION also offers an assortment of PPE products, TotalCare® services for firefighter PPE cleaning, inspection, and repair, as well as a wide variety of smart training props and solutions.

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