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South Shore Furniture

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July 22, 2019 - February 12, 2022

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6168 Rue Principale, Sainte-Croix, QC G0S 2H0, Canada

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Stability Testing Process Verified

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Test sites demonstrate testing capabilities and expertise to evaluate products to stability requirements in the latest version of ASTM F2057. Testing consists of hanging a 50 lb. weight from a single open drawer/door and opening all drawers and doors simultaneously. Suppliers and test sites will be subjected to an initial and annual assessment to ensure: 1) Necessary equipment and facility to conduct test a. Includes calibration of required test equipment 2) Individuals have sufficient understanding to conduct required program testing a. Test Procedures – how to conduct the required tests b. Test Results – what constitutes conformance or non-conformance c. Data Storage – how and where are records and data maintained d. Training Records – demonstrate how are staff qualified to conduct the testing 3) Record keeping practices meet ISO 17025 intent 4) Sample tracking system in place 5) Corrective action process in place for testing results that don’t meet standard requirements 6) Use of UL data sheets, new product planning template and product information template

About the Company

South Shore Furniture was founded in 1940, in Quebec, by Eugene Laflamme. Today, the company is a third-generation family business that offers a range of more than 1,200 ready-to-assemble products, and it continues to expand its line with hundreds of new items every year. South Shore Furniture wants to offer consumers a more streamlined shopping experience by providing a comprehensive solution for the entire home with products for every room: bedroom furniture, office furniture, storage solutions, furniture for babies and kids, living room furniture and a range of home décor items. Wanting to make furniture and décor shopping inspiring, but simple, every step of the way, the company built a unique business model based on online sales, thus allowing shoppers to purchase affordable furniture from the comfort of their home through South Shore Furniture’s website or its partnered retailers’ website. The company’s success hinges on a team of close to 1,000 employees who work at one of its five manufacturing and distribution spaces across North America that total over 1.4 million ft2. Every member of the South Shore Furniture family is dedicated to offer fashion-forward products - made for real life, that are of high-quality and safe to use. In fact, security has always been central to our mission and our operations, which is why all our products meets or exceeds North American safety standards.

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