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January 23, 2020 - January 22, 2023

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At Gat Creek, we are makers not middlemen. We don’t import mass-produced furniture. We build solid-wood furniture to exact specifications using sustainably harvested lumber from the Appalachian Forest. 
Gat Creek manufactures solid-wood dining room, bedroom and living room furniture in our own shop and through domestic partners. All of the finishing, final inspection and packaging work is completed in our Berkeley Springs facility. Our design aesthetic takes a contemporary simplified approach to traditional furniture forms.
We live near the geo-center of this growing forest and practice our craft in an oversized workshop filled with cutting-edge woodworking equipment. Each piece of Gat Creek furniture is signed and dated by the artisan who builds it and then hand finished in a careful board-by-board process to bring out its natural beauty. We take pride both in what we create and how we create it. 

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Products are evaluated to stability requirements of ASTM F2057-2019. Testing consists of hanging a 50 lb. weight from a single open drawer/door and opening all drawers and doors simultaneously. Units must remain stable and not tip over during the testing. Products are required to be tested every 12 months. Critical design attributes will be documented for annual Factory surveillance program. All performance critical design attributes or components will be documented including pictures of the products. These critical design attributes include but are not limited to dimensions, weight, , drawer slide length, and general construction attributes such as number of drawers or doors. If critical design attributes are changed, testing must be repeated to demonstrate product meets stability requirements of ASTM F2057-2019 are still met. All Factory locations that apply the UL Verification Mark will be visited by a UL Field Engineer once per year to ensure: 1) Proper use of UL Verification Mark 2) Product attributes are same as tested units 3) Repeat stability testing on selected units 4) Record keeping and documentation that shows which products have been tested at UL Verified test sites and what products are scheduled to be tested 5) On-going communication between test lab and factory location on any changes in test results and UL Verification Mark eligibility. 6) MFR is following testing, manufacturing and shipment schedule for new products as developed by UL and Supplier.

About the Company

Our company’s story starts with a man named Tom Seely. After serving in the U.S. Army Air Corps during WWII, Tom returned home to open an antique shop in Baltimore in 1946. The business took Tom to estate sales in the country to buy furniture for resale in the city. Eventually, as the business grew, it was named Tom Seely Furniture. Ten years later, demand for antique furniture was outstripping supply and Tom expanded his enterprise to manufacture careful reproductions of the best designed antique furniture he had encountered. In an essay submitted with his application to business school, Gat Caperton expressed his interest in an education that would prepare him to own and operate a manufacturing business in his native state of West Virginia. In 1996, the 29-year old business school graduate realized his ambition when he bought Tom Seely Furniture. The company Gat acquired learned how to build furniture, not by simply imitating typical factory production, but by studying the work of the masters. An essential part of quality furniture construction is joining two pieces of wood together. And since wood is a living thing, expanding and contracting with ambient conditions, great joinery is fundamental to building great furniture. A reverence for superior joinery continues in the factory to this day. In the 2000s, as other U.S.-based furniture brands moved their furniture manufacturing to subcontractors in Asia, Gat Creek responded by investing in its West Virginia factory and operations to constantly improve productivity, quality and choice. Instead of building big batches of products to sell to the masses, Gat Creek takes a more personal approach making furniture to order from a selection of over 400 designs in a wide range of wood tone and paint finishes.

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