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Qingdao Hisense Hitachi Air-conditioning Systems Co., Ltd.

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November 11, 2019 - November 10, 2021

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Hisense VRF provides many types of outdoor units to meet different demands. It includes cooling and heating series, cooling only series, heat recovery series, Air to Water heat pump series, Multi-functions and high ambient series. Hisense VRF upgrades new technologies. Not only 360° fitted refrigerant cooling technology which optimizes new and whole heat sink, but also black(optional) carries out the overall protection, extending unit’s life. The comprehensive and best technologies maintain system stability and reliability.

Qingdao Hisense Hitachi Air-conditioning Systems Co., Ltd.

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AVWT-*HKSS, AVWT-*FKFSA, AVWT-*FKFSHA, AVWT-*HKFSE, AVWT-*CKFSE, AVWT-*UESRX, AVWT-*TESRX, AVW-*HJFH/HKFH/H9FH, AVWT-*MHKFS, AVWT-*FFFH, AVWT-*F8FSC Where “*” represents numbers to distinguish different cooling capacity.

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Outdoor Unit can resist 27 years of simulated severe corrosion under a salt contaminated traffic environment

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Assessed to ISO 21207 “Corrosion tests in artificial atmospheres — Accelerated corrosion tests involving alternate exposure to corrosion-promoting gases, neutral salt-spray and drying”, following Test method B for severe industrial or traffic environments. The test duration was five weeks.

About the Company

Jointly invested by Hisense Group and Hitachi Appliances (changed to Johnson Controls-Hitachi in 2015), Qingdao Hisense Hitachi Air-conditioning Systems Co., Ltd. was established on January 8, 2003. It is a large joint venture integrating technology development for commercial and residential air conditioners, product manufacturing, marketing and users service as a whole. With the full support of all the shareholders such as Hisense Group and Johnson Controls-Hitachi, Hisense VRF is committed to becoming the market leader in the industry.

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