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March 10, 2020 - August 09, 2024

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GE Appliances SmartHQ™ appliances deliver real, everyday convenience for real, everyday moments. Stay informed about what your appliances are doing wherever you are.
What is a GE SmartHQ Appliance? 
GE SmartHQ appliances are products that may have Wi-Fi built-in or may have an attached Wi-Fi peripheral, and with a GE Appliances mobile app, the owner may connect to the GE Appliances cloud. GE SmartHQ appliances enable happiness and wellbeing of our owners to remotely monitor, control, receive product alerts and notifications, and interact with their appliances with voice. 
What does the UL IoT Security Rating mean for my GE SmartHQ appliance? 
This rating, as evaluated by UL, demonstrates that GE SmartHQ appliances use industry best practices for IoT cybersecurity and protection of consumer data.

* This information was provided by GE Appliances and may contain additional information outside the scope of this Claim Verification.

Applicable To:

All connected products under the GE Appliances House of Brands, including GE ™, GE Profile ™, Café ™, Monogram ™ and Haier ™

Applicable SKUs:
Connectivity Products – SmartHQ Connect Module PBX23W00Y0/1 and U+ Connect PBX23W00Y0/1 (both are compatible with the GE Appliances House of Brands), Non-Branded Appliances - Ventilation Hood (UVC9300*, UVC9360*, UVC9420*, UVC9480*, UVH13012M*, UVH13013M*, UVH13014M*, UVW8304S*, UVW8364S*, UVW9301B*, UVW9301S*, UVW93042PSS, UVW9361BLTS, UVW9361SLSS, UVW93642PSS) and Kitchen Hub (UVM8188BTTS, UVM8188STSS, UVM8218SRSS), GE™ - Washer (GFW510*, GFW550*, GFW650*, GFW850*, GTW840*, GTW845*, VFW310*, VTW525A*), Dryer (GFD55E/G*, GFD65E/G*, GFD85E/G*, GFV55E, GTD84E/G*, VFD31E/G*, VTD52E/G*), Cooking Products (JKD3000*, JKD5000*, JKS3000*, JKS5000*, JS760*, JTD3000*, JTD5000*, JTS3000*, JTS5000*), Microwave (JES1097SMSS), Dishwasher (GDF450*, GDF460*, GDF510*, GDF511*, GDF535*, GDF550*, GDF645*, GDP630*, GDP645*, GDP665*, GDT225*, GDT226*, GDT535*, GDT550*, GDT630*, GDT635*, GDT645*, GDT665*), Portable AC (APHD10AXWB, APLH10WWF, APLS07WWB, APLS08WWB, APLS08WWF, APLS10WWB, APLS10WWF, APWAP11YBBW, APWA12YZBW, APWA14YBMW, APWA14YZMW, APWD07JASG, APWD08JAWW, APWD10JASG, APWD10JAWG, APXD10JAWB), Window AC (AEG08LZ, AEC08LY, AEC10AY, AEC12AY, AEC14AY, AEC18DY, AEF08LY, AEG10AZ, AEG10AZE, AEG12AZ, AEG12AZE, AEG14AZ, AEG18DZ, AEG24DZ, AEK08LY, AEK10AY, AEK12AY, AEN08LZ, AEN10AZ, AEN10AZE, AEN12AZ, AHC08LY, AHC10LY, AHC12AZ, AHC12LY, AHC14AY, AHC14AZ, AHC14LY, AHC18DY, AHC18DZ, AHC18LY, AHC24DY, AHC24DZ, AHEK08AC, AHEK10AC, AHEK12AC, AHEK14AC, AHEU08BC, AHFK18AA, AHFK18BA, AHFK24AA, AHFK24BA, AHH24DZ, AHK08LZ, AHK12LZ, AHP08LZ, AHP10LZ, AHP12LZ, AHP14LZ, AHSK24AA, AHTK08AA, AHTK10AA, AHTK12AA, AHTK14AA, AHTK18AA, AHTK18BA, AHV05LZ, AHWG10BA, AHWG10BW, AHWG14BC, AHWH10BC, AHY08LZ, AHY10LZ, AHY12LZ, AHY14LZ, AHY18DZ, AHY24DZ, AJCM*, AJCQ*, AJEM*, AJEQ*, AJHQ*, AKLK*, AWCS08WWB, AWCS10WWB, AWCS12WWB, AWCS14WWB, AWCS12WWF, AWCS14WWF, AWCS08WWT, AWCS10WWT, AWCS12WWT, AWCS14WWT, AWES08WWF, AWES10WWF, AWFS08WWL, AWFS10WWL, AWFS12WWL, AWFS14WWL, AWGH08WWF, AWGH12WWF, AWGH18WWF, AWGH24WWF), Duct-Free System AC (ASYW07CRDDA, ASYW09CRAWA, ASYW09CRDDA, ASYW09URDWD, ASYW09URDWD1, ASYW12CRDDA, ASYW12URDWD, ASYW12URDWD1, ASYW18CRDDA, ASYW18URDWD, ASYW18URDWD1, ASYW24CRDDA, ASYW24TRDFA, ASYW30TRDFA, ASYW36TRDFA, USYF09UCDWA, USYF12UCDWA, USYF18UCDWA, USYL24UCDDA, USYL30UCDDA, USYL36UCDDA, USYL42UCDDA, USYL48UCDDA, USYM09UCDSA, USYM12UCDSA, USYM18UCDSA, USYM24UCDSA, USYM30UCDDA, USYM36UCDDA, USYM42UCDDA, USYM48UCDDA), Dehumidifier (AWHL50LD, AWHR50LB, AWYR50LC), Refrigeration Products (GWE19JYLFS), Water Heater (GE30S10BLM, GE30S10BMM, GE30S10BMM, GE30S10CMR, GE30S12BLM, GE30T10BLM, GE40T10CLR, GE30T12BLM, GE40S10BLM, GE40S10BMM, GE40S12BLM, GE40T10BLM, GE40T10CLR, GE40T12BLM, GE50S10BLM, GE50S10BMM, GE50S10CMR, GE50S12BLM, GE50T10BLM, GE50T12BLM), Soft Water Softener (GXSHC40N), and Whole Home Filtration (GNWH750M, GWE19J*, GWE23G*, GXWH70M), GE Profile™ - Washer (PFW950SP*, PTW600BR*, PTW600BS*, PTW605BP*, PTW605BS*, PTW700BP*, PTW700BS*, PTW705BP*, PTW705BS*, PTW900BP*, PTW905BP*), Dryer (PFD95E/G*, PTD60EB*, PTD60GB*, PTD70E/G*, PTD90E/G*), Cooking Products (P2B940S*, P2S930S*, P9O1AAS*, PB930S*, PB935B*, PB935S*, PB935Y*, PB965B*, PB965Y*, PEB915*, PEP903*, PGB935*, PGB940*, PGB965*, PGS930*, PGS960*, PHB920*, PHP703*, PHP903*, PHS930*, PHS93X*, PK7000*, PK7500*, PKD7000*, PKS7000*, PS960*, PS96P*, PSS93*, PT9050SF*, PT9550SF*, PTD700L*, PTD700R*, PTD7000*, PTD9000*, PTS700L*, PTS700R*, PTS7000*, PTS9000*, PTS9200S*), Dishwasher (PDP755S*, PDT755S*, PDT785S*, PDT855S*), Window AC (AHTR10AC, AHTR12AC, AHTR14AC, AHTT08BC, PHC06LY, PHC08LY, PWDV08WWF, PWDV10WWF, PWDV12WWF, PWDV14WWF), Refrigeration Products (P2S930*, PAD28*, PGD29*, PSB42*, PSB48*, PVD28B*, PXD22B*, PYE22P*), Opal Icemaker (P4INDOS6RBB, XPIO13*, XPIO23*, XPIOX3B*, XPIOX3S*), and Coffee Making Products (P7CEBAS6RBB, P7CEBBS6RBB, P7CESAS6RBB), Café™ - Cooking Products (C2S900P* C2S900M*, C2S950P*, C2S950M*, C2S986*, C2S986S*, C2S995S*, C2Y366P*, C2Y486P*, CCP06BP*, CCP06DP*, CCR06*, CEB515M*, CEB515P*, CES700P*, CES700M*, CES750P*, CES750M*, CGS700P*, CGS700M*, CGS750P*, CGS750M*, CGS986E*, CGS986S*, CGS995E*, CGY366P*, CHS900P*, CHS900M*, CHS950P*, CHS985S*, CHS995S*, CGB500P*, CGB550P*, CHS900P*, CHS90XM*, CHS90XP*, CHS950P*, CHS985S*, CHS995S*, CK7000S*, CKS70*, CK7500S*, CKD70DP*, CQE28D*, CSB42Y*, CSB48Y*, CT9050E*, CT9050S*, CT9070S*, CT9550E*, CT9550S*, CT9570S*, CTD70DP*, CTD90D*, CTD90F*, CTS70D*, CTS90D*, CTS90F*, CTS92D*, CHP95302M, CHP95362M, CEB515M*, CEB505P*, CVM712M*, CVM721M*, CSB912P*, CSB912M*, CSB913M*, CSB923P*, CSB923M*), Ventilation Hood (CVW930*, CVW936*), Dishwasher (CDT855*, CDT866*, CDT875*), Refrigeration Products (CDB36L*, CDB36R*, CFE28T*, CFE28U*, CSB42*, CSB48*, CVE28D*, CWE23*, CXE22*, CYE22*, CQE28D*), Wine and Beverage (CCP06B*, CCP06D*), and Coffee Making Products (C7CDAA*, C7CDAB*, C7CEBA*, C7CEBB*, C7CESA*), Monogram™ - Cooking Products (ZDP304NTSS, ZDP364NDTSS, ZDP366NTSS, ZDP484NGTSS, ZDP486NDTSS, ZEK7000SH, ZEK7500SH, ZEP30BP, ZEP30FL, ZEP30FRSS, ZEP30SK, ZET1FH, ZET1PH, ZET1SH, ZET2FL, ZET2PH, ZET2SH, ZET9050SH, ZET9550SH, ZGP304NTSS, ZGP364NDTSS, ZGP366NTSS, ZGP486NDTSS, ZGU36ESLSS, ZHU30RDTBB, ZHU30RSTSS, ZKD90DPSN*, ZKD90DSSN, ZKD90DSSNSS, ZKS90DPSN*, ZKS90DSSN*, ZSB912*, ZSB913*, ZSB923*, ZTD90DSSN*, ZTD90DPSN*, ZTDX1DPSNSS, ZTDX1DSSNSS, ZTDX1FPSNSS, ZTS90DPSN*, ZTS90DSSN*, ZTSX1DPSNSS, ZTSX1DSSNSS, ZTSX1FPSN*, ZSB9121N, ZSB9131N, ZSB9132N, ZSB9231N, ZSB9232N), Ventilation Hood (ZV12362STSS, ZVW1360SPSS, ZVW1480SPSS, ZVW2301STSS, ZVW2361STSS, ZVW2481STSS), Dishwasher (ZDT915*, ZDT925*, ZDT975*, ZDT985*), and Refrigeration Products (ZIF18INB*, ZIF181NP*, ZIF241NB*, ZIF241NP*, ZIF301NB*, ZIF301NP*, ZIF361NB*, ZIF361NP*, ZIR241NB*, ZIR241NP*, ZIR301NB*, ZIR301NP*, ZIR361NB*, ZIR361NP*, ZIS420NN*, ZIS480NN*, ZISB360D*, ZISB420D*, ZISB480D*, ZISP420D*, ZISP480D*, ZISS360D*, ZISS420D*, ZISS420N*, ZISS480N*), Haier™ - Washer (QFW150SSNWW), Dryer (QFD15ESSNWW, QFT15ESSNWW), Condenser Washer and Dryer (QFT15ESSNWW), Cooking Products (QGSS740*, QSS740*, QVM7167*), Dishwasher (QDP555*), Portable AC (QPWA14YZMW), Window AC (QHC08LX, QHC10AX, QHC12AX, QHC15AX, QHC18DX, QHC24DX, QHEK08AC, QHEK10AC, QHEK12AC, QHEK14AC, QHEK18AC, QHEK24AC, QHNG08AA, QHNG10AA), Duct-Free System AC (AW09EH2VHD1, AW012EH2VHD,AW07TC2HDA, AW09EH2VHD, AW09TC2HDA, AW12EH2VHD1, AW12TC2HDA, AW18EH2VHD, AW18EH2VHD1, AW18TC2HDA, AW24TC2HDA, AW24TL2HFA, AW30TL2HFA, AW36TL2HFA, USYF09UCDWA, USYF12UCDWA, USYF18UCDWA, USYL24UCDDA, USYL30UCDDA, USYL36UCDDA, USYL42UCDDA, USYL48UCDDA, USYM09UCDSA, USYM12UCDSA, USYM18UCDSA, USYM24UCDSA, USYM30UCDDA, USYM36UCDDA, USYM42UCDDA, USYM48UCDDA), and Dehumidifier (QPHR50LZ), Water Leak Sensor (SPLS10N01P), Gateway (SPLG10N01P)

Marketing Claim Verified by UL Solutions

Security Capabilities Verified GOLD

Verification Method

UL has combined a number of assessment techniques and methodologies to assess the product’s security capabilities as outlined in document: UL MCV 1376, Methodology for Marketing Claim Verification: Security Capabilities Verified to level Bronze/Silver/Gold/Platinum/Diamond. UL’s IoT Security Rating, which is established following verification of a product according to the UL MCV 1376 methodology, supports manufacturers by helping to demonstrate meeting the threshold of reasonable security features as required in U.S. IoT security regulations. Document UL MCV 1376 is available to the public as well as the grading matrix to allow consumers and vendors to understand the scope and definition of each of the levels. The verified product(s) may be equipped with additional security capabilities, from higher levels or other, that are not represented by the achieved rating. The UL Verified Mark representative sample(s) of the product described have been investigated and as of the date of security testing and analysis, found in compliance with the Marketing Claim Validation document indicated on this website and which align to industry best practices for baseline IoT cybersecurity. UL does not provide any representation or guarantee that all security vulnerabilities or weaknesses will be found or that the product will not be vulnerable, susceptible to exploitation, or eventually breached.

About the Company

At GE Appliances, we make life better by designing and building the world's best appliances. From design to production to service, our goal is to help people improve their lives at home. We value teamwork, innovation, reliability, speed and, above all, a passion to help people. Each of our appliances is designed purposefully with our consumers in mind. We make refrigerators, freezers, cooking products, dishwashers, washers, dryers, air conditioners, water filtration systems and water heaters. From self-cleaning ranges to ice and water dispensers, to speedcook ovens and refrigerators that make coffee, GE Appliances has electrified and modernized life for more than 125 years with our legacy of invention. We invest in the experience that homeowners have with our products. When people buy from us, they don't just get an appliance, they become a member of our family, a family that is there for one another for the life of the product.

What is UL Verification?

UL Verification is an objective, science-based assessment that confirms the accuracy of marketing claims. Our independent assessment process scrutinizes the validity of specific advertising or promotional statements, giving you a way to separate verified fact from fiction.