LED Tubes


Keystone Technologies LLC

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Expiration date:

May 18, 2020 - December 13, 2024

Verification Mark

Applicable To:

KT-LED7T8-18GC-8XX-D, KT-LED7T8-24GC-8XX-D, KT-LED12T8-36GC-8XX-D, KT-LED12.5T8-48GC-8XX-D, KT-LED15T8-48GC-8XX-D /G3, KT-LED15T8-48GC-9XX-D, KT-LED18.5T8-48GC-8XX-D, KT-LED24T8-60GC-8XX-D, KT-LED32T8-72GC-8XX-D, KT-LED9T8-48G-8XX-DX2, KT-LED9T8-48G-8XX-D, KT-LED12T8-36GC-9XX-D, KT-LED10T5HE-36G-8XX-E, KT-LED10T8-48G-8XX-E, KT-LED12T5HE-48G-8XX-E, KT-LED12T5HO-24G-8XX-E, KT-LED12T8-36G-8XX-E, KT-LED12T8-48G-8XX-E, KT-LED12T8-48G-8XX-E/D, KT-LED12T8-U6P-8XX-E, KT-LED15T5HO-36G-8XX-E, KT-LED22T5HO-48G-8XX-E, KT-LED8T5HE-24G-8XX-E, KT-LED8T8-24G-8XX-E, KT-LED12.5T8-48G-8XX-D, KT-LED9T8-24G-9xx-E, KT-LED18T8-48G-9xx-E, KT-LED7T8-24GC-8XX-D-VDIM, KT-LED12T8-36GC-8XX-D-VDIM, KT-LED10.5T8-48GC-8XX-D-VDIM, KT-LED15T8-48GC-8XX-D-VDIM, KT-LED10T5HE-36G-8XX-E /G2, KT-LED10T8-48G-8XX-E /G2, KT-LED12T5HE-48G-8XX-E /G2, KT-LED12T5HO-24G-8XX-E /G2, KT-LED12T8-36G-8XX-E /G2, KT-LED12T8-48G-8XX-E /G2, KT-LED15T5HO-36G-8XX-E /G2, KT-LED22T5HO-48G-8XX-E /G2, KT-LED8T5HE-24G-8XX-E /G2, KT-LED8T8-24G-8XX-E /G2, KT-LED13.5T8-48G-8XX-E /G2, KT-LED12T8-U1P-8CSA-E, KT-LED12T8-U6P-8CSA-E Where XX = CCT (correlated color temperature): from 00 to 99

Marketing Claim Verified by UL Solutions

Low Optical Flicker Less Than 2% Up to 400 Hz

Verification Method

The equipment under test is a LED luminaire (non-dimmable) equipped with LEDs and external electronic control gear. The corresponding waveform was captured via oscilloscope coupled to transimpedance amplifier and integrating sphere system.

What is UL Verification?

UL Verification is an objective, science-based assessment that confirms the accuracy of marketing claims. Our independent assessment process scrutinizes the validity of specific advertising or promotional statements, giving you a way to separate verified fact from fiction.