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GD Midea Air-conditioning Equipment Co., Ltd.

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August 06, 2020 - August 05, 2024

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Wall mounted split inverter air conditioner.

* This information was provided by GD Midea Air-conditioning Equipment Co., Ltd. and may contain additional information outside the scope of this Claim Verification.

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MSAGBU-12HRFNX-QRD0GW, MOX102-12HFN8-QRD0GW, KWC-12CRFI, KWC-12CRFO, U.I. RUBINO 12, U.E. RUBINO 12, MSAGAU-09HRFNX-QRD0GW, MOX102-09HFN8-QRD0GW. KWC-09CRFI, KWC-09CRFO, U.I. RUBINO 9, U.E. RUBINO 9, U.I. RUBINO 7, U.E. RUBINO 7, MSAGA-09HRFN1-NRG5G, MOX180-09HFN1-NRG5G Indoor: MSAGBU-12HRFN8-QRD1GW(GA), Outdoor: MOX201-12HFN8-QRD1GW; Indoor: AG-12NXD1-I, Outdoor: X2-12N8D1-O; Indoor: IMZF12NI-1, Outdoor: IMZF12NO-1; Indoor: B-MSAGBU-12HRFN8-QRD1GW(GA), Outdoor: B-MOX201-12HFN8-QRD1GW; Indoor: MSAGBU-09HRFN8-QRD1GW(GA), Outdoor: MOX201-09HFN8-QRD1GW; Indoor: AG-09NXD1-I, Outdoor: X2-09N8D1-O; Indoor: IMZF09NI-1, Outdoor: IMZF09NO-1; Indoor: B-MSAGBU-09HRFN8-QRD1GW(GA), Outdoor: B-MOX201-09HFN8-QRD1GW; Indoor: MSAGBU-12HRFN8-QRD1GW(GA), Outdoor: MOX230-12HFN8-QRD6GW; Indoor: AG-12NXD1-I,Outdoor: X2-12N8D6-O; Indoor: MSAGBU-12HRFN8-ME, Outdoor: MOX201-12HFN8-ME; Indoor: MSAGBU-12HRFN8, Outdoor: MOX230-12HFN8; Indoor: B-MSAGBU-12HRFN8-QRD1GW(GA), Outdoor: B-MOX230-12HFN8-QRD6GW; Indoor: HKEMM 356 ZAL, Outdoor: HCNMX 356 ZA; Indoor: OS-SEPHH12EI, Outdoor: OS-CEPHH12EI; Indoor: MSAGBU-12HRFN8-QRD1GW(GA)-HIWF, Outdoor: MOX230-12HFN8-QRD6GW; Indoor: MSAGBU-12HRFN8-QRD1GW(GA)-WF, Outdoor: MOX230-12HFN8-QRD6GW; Indoor: MSAGBU-09HRFN8-QRD1GW(GA), Outdoor: MOX230-09HFN8-QRD6GW; Indoor: AG-09NXD1-I, Outdoor: X2-09N8D6-O; Indoor: MSAGAU-09HRFN8-ME, Outdoor: MOX201-09HFN8-ME; Indoor: MSAGBU-09HRFN8, Outdoor: MOX230-09HFN8; Indoor: B-MSAGBU-09HRFN8-QRD1GW(GA), Outdoor: B-MOX230-09HFN8-QRD6GW; Indoor: HKEMM 266 ZAL, Outdoor: HCNMX 266 ZA; Indoor: OS-SEPHH09EI, Outdoor: OS-CEPHH09EI; Indoor: MSAGBU-09HRFN8-QRD1GW(GA)-HIWF, Outdoor: MOX230-09HFN8-QRD6GW; Indoor: MSAGBU-09HRFN8-QRD1GW(GA)-WF, Outdoor: MOX230-09HFN8-QRD6GW; Indoor: MSCA1BU-12HRFN8-QRD6GW, Outdoor: MOX230-12HFN8-QRD6GW; Indoor: GAIA-12HRFN8-I, Outdoor: GAIA-12HRFN8-O; Indoor: MSCA1BU-09HRFN8-QRD6GW, Outdoor: MOX230-09HFN8-QRD6GW; Indoor: GAIA-09HRFN8-I, Outdoor: GAIA-09HRFN8-O; Indoor: MSCB1DU-24HRFN8-QRD1GW, Outdoor: MOX401-24HFN8-QRD0GW; Indoor: CB1-24HRFN8-I, Outdoor: CB1-24HRNX-O; Indoor: CB1-24HRFN8-I(A), Outdoor: CB1-24HRNX-O(A); Indoor: MCB1-24N8, Outdoor: MOM-24NXD0; Indoor: MSCB1DU-24HRFN8, Outdoor: MOX401-24HFN8; Indoor: MSCB1DU-24HRFN8-ME, Outdoor: MOX401-24HFN8-ME; Indoor: MSCB1BU-07HRFN8-QRD1GW, Outdoor: MOX101-07HFN8-QRD1GW; Indoor: CB1-07HRFN8-I, Outdoor: CB1-07HRNX-O; Indoor: CB1-07HRFN8-I(A), Outdoor: CB1-07HRNX-O(A); Indoor: MCB1-07N8, Outdoor: MOM-07NXD0; Indoor: MSCB1BU-07HRFN8, Outdoor: MOX101-07HFN8; Indoor: MSCB1BU-07HRFN8-ME, Outdoor: MOX101-07HFN8-ME THE FOLLOWING MODELS ARE NOT VERIFIED FOR STAPHYLOCOCCUS AUREUS (ATCC 6538): Indoor: MSCB1BU-09HRFN8-QRD1GW, Outdoor: MOX104-09HFNX-QRD1GW; Indoor: MSCB1BU-09HRFN8-ME, Outdoor: MOX103-09HFN8-ME; Indoor: MSCB1BU -09HRFN8, Outdoor: MOX104-09HFNX; Indoor: CB1-09HRFN8-I, Outdoor: CB1-09HFNX-O; Indoor: CB1-09HRFN8-I(A), Outdoor: CB1-09HFNX-O(A); Indoor: CB1-09HRFN8-I(B), Outdoor: CB1-09HFNX-O(B); Indoor: MCB1-09N8, Outdoor: MOM-09N8D0; Indoor: MCB1-07N8, Outdoor: MOM-09N8D0; Indoor: MSCB1BU-12HRFN8-QRD1GW, Outdoor: MOX103-12HFNX-QRD1GW; Indoor: MSCB1BU-12HRFN8-ME, Outdoor: MOX103-12HFN8-ME; Indoor: MSCB1BU -12HRFN8, Outdoor: MOX103-12HFNX; Indoor: CB1-12HRFN8-I, Outdoor: CB1-12HFNX-O; Indoor: CB1-12HRFN8-I(A), Outdoor: CB1-12HFNX-O(A); Indoor: CB1-12HRFN8-I(B), Outdoor: CB1-12HFNX-O(B); Indoor: MCB1-12N8, Outdoor: MOM-12N8D0; Indoor: MSXTBU-18HRFN8-QRD0GW, Outdoor: MOX301-18HFN8-QRD0GW; Indoor: CF-XT18A IU, Outdoor: CF-XT18A OU; Indoor: MXT-18N8, Outdoor: MOF-18N8D0; Indoor: KAY-D 52 DR10, Outdoor: KAE-S 52 DR9; Indoor: MSCB1CU-18HRFN8-QRD1GW, Outdoor: MOX301-18HFN8-QRD1GW; Indoor: MSCB1BU -18HRFN8, Outdoor: MOX301-18HFNX; Indoor: CB1-18HRFN8-I, Outdoor: CB1-18HFNX-O; Indoor: MCB1-18N8, Outdoor: MOM-18NXD0; Indoor: MSOPBU-12HRFN8-QRE1GW, Outdoor: MOX330-12HFN8-QRE1GW; Indoor: MSOPP-09HRFN8, Outdoor: MOX330-09HFN8-OPP; Indoor: MSOPP-12HRFN8, Outdoor: MOX330-12HFN8-OPP; Indoor: MSOPBU-17HRFN8-QRD6GW, Outdoor: MOX430-17HFN8-QRD6GW; Indoor: MSOPP-17HRFN8, Outdoor: MOX430-17HFN8-OPP

Marketing Claim Verified by UL Solutions

Self-cleaning mode reduces coil-trapped bacteria by 99.9% after 2 cleaning cycles

Verification Method

The following organisms were used during the assessment of this verification: Staphylococcus aureus (ATCC 6538)* Escherichia coli (ATCC 2592) Pseudomonas aeruginosa (ATCC 15442) Klebsiella pneumoniae (ATCC 4352) *NOTE: Some models were NOT Verified for Staphylococcus aureus (ATCC 6538), as noted in the Applicable To section above. The organisms were applied to six different areas of the coils and 2 cleaning cycles we performed, per the manufacturer’s instructions. For each test run, the following calculations were made: Percent Reduction = (ACC – ATC)/ACC x 100 Log Reduction = log ACC – log ATC or alternatively log (ACC/ATC) Where: ACC = average Positive Control Sample organism count before cycle (cfu/mL) ATC = average Test Sample organism count after cycle (cfu/mL)

About the Company

The Midea Group, of which Midea is a part, is the world’s largest producer of major appliances, and the world’s No. 1 brand of air-treatment products, air-coolers, kettles, and rice cookers. It is also a world-leading technologies group in consumer appliances and HVAC systems. It offers diversified products, comprising consumer appliances (kitchen appliances, refrigerators, laundry appliances, and various small home appliances) and HVAC (residential air-conditioning, commercial air-conditioning, heating & ventilation). The Midea Group is committed to improving lives by adhering to the principle of “Creating Value for Customers.” It focuses on continuous technological innovation to improve products and services to make life more comfortable.

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