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Haier Smart Home Co Ltd

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October 21, 2020 - December 20, 2024

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The refrigerator-freezer model BCD-500WDIGU1 using new technology and a refrigeration system located at the bottom of the product can keep stable temperature in each compartment, and keeps food fresh. It can be installed in the built-in environment with the least clearance (0.4cm), and can be opened freely, without increasing energy consumption as compared to a standardized installation. 

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Maintains 90° angle door opening at a reduced installation gap of 0.4 cm, without increasing energy consumption

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Assessed to GB 12021.2-2015, Energy consumption and energy efficiency grade for household refrigerator, following Annex D for the energy consumption test method at Ambient temperatures 16°C and 32°C. Assessments conducted for standardized installation and built-in installation clearance 0.4 cm. In addition, the door opening angle was measured under the 0.4 cm built-in installation clearance condition.

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