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Zhejiang Zhiyi Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd.

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November 18, 2020 - November 17, 2024

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C22RL-TD08, C22RL-TD08-W

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Blue light hazard efficiency of radiation less than 15%

Verification Method

In accordance with LM- 79-08, Section 9.1, the radiation emitted by the product was measured across the spectrum of 300 – 780nm. Using the spectrum radiation measurement, the amount of “blue light hazard” was determined per IEC 62471:2006, Section 4.3.3, across the spectrum of 300 – 700nm. To calculate the blue light hazard efficiency of radiation, the power of blue light hazard radiation was divided by the amount of radiation measured across the complete spectrum, per IEC/TR 62778:2014, Section 3.2.

About the Company

Zhejiang Zhiyi E-commerce Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shanghai Sansi Electronic Engineering Co., Ltd, which was established in January 2021. ZhiYi is mainly engaged in the sales and service of LED lighting, LED displays, and integrated intelligent control systems. Our product range covers hundreds of categories, including LED smart household lighting and systems, LED light sources, LED grow lights, etc., which fully meet the one-stop purchasing needs of consumers for smart lighting products, serving millions of consumers throughout the year. 
Adhering to the values of "integrity, innovation, truth-seeking, moderation", and relying on the strong industrial chain integration capability and platform strength of the parent company, ZhiYi is committed to providing high-quality LED products and services with comfortable experiences for global consumers. ZhiYi always aims to create a better life through technology and bring intelligence into every home. 

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