Robotic Cable Test Process Verification


Yangzhou Hongrui Cable Technology Co., Ltd

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December 16, 2020 - December 15, 2022

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Robotic Cable Test Process Verification

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Yangzhou Hongrui Cable Technology Co., Ltd Youtian Road, Lingtang Hui Township, Gaoyou City Yangzhou, Jiangsu, 225652 China 参考译文 扬州鸿睿电缆科技有限公司 江苏省扬州市高邮市菱塘回族乡邮天路

Marketing Claim Verified by UL Solutions

Robotic Cable: Tick-Tock, Torsion, Chain- Track, Flexing Test Processes Verified

Verification Method

Verification of factory lab test process or processes including an audit of equipment calibration, testing personnel training records and procedural documents associated with the noted test process or processes.

About the Company

We founded in 2018, are a special cable enterprise integrating R&D, production, marketing and sales. Focus on R&D and production of industrial automation and robotic special cables. We adopt the most advanced technology and technology, select high-quality raw materials, and provide a solid guarantee for our company to meet the needs of domestic and foreign customers through strict quality inspection. Main products: Robot cable, Flexible drag chain cable, encoder cable, flat cable, Crane cable, Gantry crane cable, Reel cable, High flexible cable, PUR cable, Special signal cable, High and low temperature resistant cable, and special military cable, etc. 我公司创立于2018年,是一家集研发、生产、销售为一体的专业性电缆企业,专注于工业自动化和机器人专用电缆的研发与生产。公司采用当前最先进的工艺和技术,精选优质原料,以严格的品质检验,为我公司能够适应国内外客户需求提供坚实保障。 产品主要涵盖:机器人电缆、柔性拖链电缆、编码器电缆、扁电缆、行车、龙门吊电缆、卷盘、卷筒电缆、PUR聚氨酯电缆、特种信号电缆、耐高低温电缆、特种军工电缆、产品具有高耐热、耐油、耐弯曲、耐震等优良性能。 

What is UL Verification?

UL Verification is an objective, science-based assessment that confirms the accuracy of marketing claims. Our independent assessment process scrutinizes the validity of specific advertising or promotional statements, giving you a way to separate verified fact from fiction.