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November 28, 2017 - December 01, 2019

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The Samsung Notebook 9 delivers the latest in Notebook technology in a sleek, light and durable design. With advanced features including enhanced connectivity, premium display and an added layer of security, the Notebook 9 offers the performance and portability to go wherever you need to go. Sleek and Light Design that Doesn’t Compromise on Durability • Refined Design: The Samsung Notebook 9 is available in two sizes, 13.3-inch and 15-inch, and is slimmer, lighter and stronger than ever thanks to industry-leading engineering and technologies. The ultra-slim bezel and near edge-to-edge display sets a new design standard and gives you more screen to do what you need to do. • MAO Rigidity Technology: For the first time on a Samsung mobile computing device, the Samsung Notebook 9 features MAO Rigidity technology, a revolutionary metal treatment process that adds resilience and durability as well as thermal shock resistance. • Single Shell Structure: With a single shell structure, the internal components of The Notebook 9 are securely integrated with the outer shell, offering strong structural integrity. Advanced Features for Strong Performance and Connectivity • Powerful Performance: The Samsung Notebook 9 isn’t just a beautiful device, it also packs power and performance. Equipped with the latest 7th Generation Intel® Core™ i7/i5 Processors, as well as faster storage and memory. • USB Type-C™: The latest USB Type-C™ port enables quick data transfer and connectivity to displays and other devices. • Connectivity Features: The Samsung Notebook 9 offers exclusive software solutions for peer-to-peer sharing with other devices including smartphones. With PC Message and PC Gallery, users can easily share files, messages and photos anywhere, anytime. Immersive Experiences with Premium Display Technology • Vibrant Full-HD Display: The Notebook 9 was created with a stunningly immersive full-HD display with bright, vivid and accurate colors. Featuring Samsung RealView Display, the Notebook 9 elevates viewing experience to new heights with support for a high-level of brightness, true-to-life colors and a wide viewing angle. Also, with Outdoor Mode, instantly boost the clarity of the display with a quick shortcut command when working under direct sunlight. • HDR Video: View content in high-dynamic range (HDR) to experience more vibrant videos. Improved Security with Built-in Fingerprint Sensor Security is always top-of-mind which is why the Samsung Notebook 9 includes a built-in fingerprint sensor as well as support for Windows Hello, which enables secure so users can securely log into the device without using a password. 

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NT900X3N, NT900X3Y, NP900X3N, NT901X3U, NT900X3U, NT900X3I,NT930XBE, NT930XBV, NT931XBE, NP930XBE, NP931XBE

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Bright & Accurate Premium Display (500nits, deltaE<2.5)

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UL employs test, inspection, product analysis, demonstration and process analysis verification techniques to verify manufacturer claims. These laptop displays offer accuracy of gamma, color space and brightness of picture beyond average displays. The 500 nits of brightness implies that the display can be used in an outdoor daylight environment. deltaE is a measure of how accurate the colors are as compared to an industry standard Macbeth scale. A less than 2.5 of Delta E measure means a high level of accuracy and the difference from the Macbeth scale cannot be detected by a human eye. The sample(s) tested is(are) compliant with the following applied standards/regulations: IDMS 5.16, IDMS 5.18, 5.18.1, IDMS 6.1, IDMS 6.8, IDMS 6.11, IDMS 8.1,IDMS 9.6 ,IDMS 9.13, IDMS 11.9.1, IDMS 13.1.1, ISO 9241-302 CIE1976 L*a*b* color space.

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