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December 16, 2022 - December 15, 2023

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The FB series is a thermoplastic materials with superior flame barrier properties. It is a compound product with flame retardant, glass fiber and mineral fillers based on thermoplastic materials such as modified Polyphenylene oxide, Polyamide, Polybutylene terephthalate which provides excellent flame retardancy whilst maintaining desired mechanical properties. The Halogen-free FB2000-series, with excellent electrical properties and low specific gravity, can be used in electrical and electronic components and can solve economical and eco-friendly problems at the same time.
There are three products in the FB series: FB2206F which can be used by various processing methods such as injection molding and sheet extrusion, FB2306F, which can provide higher mechanical strength and has the advantage of less deformation when flame occurs, and FB2306AF which is also a flame barrier material based on a Polyamide resin. 

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Exceeds UL 94 5VA exhibiting No Hole Or Drip After 10-minute 500W Flame Application

Verification Method

• Molded samples of the candidate plastic material were supplied in 150 ± 5 mm by 150 ± 5 mm dimension at 2.0mm thickness, Natural Color. • 3 samples were tested in horizontal orientation by the application of a calibrated 500W (125mm) flame in accordance with ASTM D5207. The flame was applied to the center of the specimen in such a way that the burner tube was positioned at 20±5° from the vertical axes when tested in horizontal orientation. • Flame was applied on each sample for a period of 10 min in such a way that the tip of the blue cone was within 0 to 3mm of the plate surface without impinging into the specimen. • After 10 min flame application, the specimens were observed to establish the Claim. Note: Flame barrier has not been evaluated for its ability to prevent or delay thermal runaway of EV batteries nor suppress fire from a thermal runaway event.

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