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Meizu Technology Co Ltd

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July 19, 2022 - July 18, 2023

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Lipro products: T21X1-W0423040, T21S2-075-01140036, T21T2-075-01140058, T22F1-W0653040, T22Z1-AS182750

Marketing Claim Verified by UL Solutions

Color Rendition Rating DIAMOND based on IES TM- 30-20 Fidelity Intent and Low Blue Light

Verification Method

The product is measured with an integrating sphere according to ANSI/IES LM-79, Approved Method: Optical And Electrical Measurements Of Solid-State Lighting Products (LED and OLED) and the color rendition calculation is based on ANSI/IES TM-30-20, IES Method For Evaluating Light Source Color Rendition. The following criteria is used to rate the performance, and comes from the Fidelity design intent of TM-30-20: Diamond: Rf ≥ 95 Platinum: Rf ≥ 90, Rf,h1 ≥ 90 Gold: Rf ≥ 85, Rf,h1 ≥ 85 Radiance Ratio is measured per IEC 62471:2006 Ed. 1.0, Photobiological Safety Of Lamps And Lamp Systems. The radiance ratio of light in the range 415 nm-455 nm versus a total range of 400 nm-500 nm is graded as follows: Diamond: ≤ 48% Platinum: ≤ 50% Gold: ≤ 52% Spectral Difference (SD) is measured per ANSI/IES LM-79. SD refers to the difference in radiometric power between the artificial light source and its reference for blue light from 425 nm to 475 nm. Performance is graded as follows: Diamond: ≤ 20% Platinum: ≤ 22% Gold: Not required Blue light emissions categorized as “Exempt”, or Clause 6.1.2: Risk Group 1 per IEC 62471:2006 Ed. 1.0, satisfy Verification of low blue light performance as follows: Diamond: Exempt Platinum: Risk Group 1 Gold: Risk Group 1

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