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March 29, 2023 - March 28, 2024

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Samsung’s LH502D is the optimal outdoor lighting solution for harsh outdoor environments because it guarantees high durability and an extremely long product lifetime. A new ceramic coating applied to Samsung’s new outdoor lighting solutions is directly attributable to protracted durability and increased product lifespan, making this lighting solution suitable for streets and tunnels during the harshest outdoor weather conditions.

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Outdoor 5050 LED Robustness Im maintenance > 97% Vf maintenance < 101%

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- Run four parallel conditioning tests on separate samples as follows: 1. Salt-fog protection per IEC 60068-2-52 (NaCl 5%/35℃ Salty water sprayed for 2 hours → 40℃/93% left for 6 days 22 hours, 4cycle) 2. Sulfur protection per IEC 60068-2-43 (25℃, 75%R.H., H2S 15ppm, 504 hours) 3. High humidity protection per JESD22-A101D.01 (85℃/85%, 640mA, ON/OFF 0.5hr, 1000hr) 4. Thermal Shock per JESD22-A106B.02 (-45~+125℃ / 15min / 500cycles) - Measure and record the Forward Voltage (Vf) and Lumen (lm) values of the LEDs before and after each conditioning test. - Calculate maintenance by comparing the average of the values of the Forward Voltage (Vf) and Lumen (lm) measured before and after each conditioning test as follows: Measured value after conditioning / Measured value before conditioning X 100 = xxx % The worst case Forward Voltage (Vf) and Lumen (lm) of the four conditioning tests are reported in the claim.

About the Company

Samsung Electronics is the world’s leader in LED technology providing high-quality LED light solutions for industries across the board including TV, mobile, automobile, and lighting.

Unrivaled semiconductor technology and spectrum engineering know-how is what allows Samsung Electronics to discover and create new value going beyond the limits of functionality and capacity for lighting.

Samsung Electronics strives to provide practical benefits for people's lives and businesses through LED light sources. Major solutions ideal for each environment and purpose include human-centric lighting optimized for circadian rhythms, horticultural lighting to help plants grow in balance, and next-generation automotive lighting promoting safety for everyone on the road.

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