Acoustic Nozzle for Fire Suppression System


Tyco Fire Products LP

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October 31, 2019 - December 31, 2020

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Improvements in computing hardware have led to an increase in Hard Disk Drive (HDD) sensitivity to sound. Clean Agent fire suppression systems, normally used to protect this type of equipment, can produce sound levels that may have adverse effects on noise sensitive equipment. The Acoustic Nozzle, designed for SAPPHIRE® fire suppression systems, decreases the acoustic footprint during a discharge. 
The Acoustic Nozzle directs agent into the hazard area and reduces the sound level compared with standard nozzles. Flow calculations are used to specify the nozzle orifice size for the correct quantity and distribution of agent. The Acoustic Nozzle manufactured by Johnson Controls is sold with suppression systems under the ANSUL®, HYGOOD® and LPG® brands. 

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SAPPHIRE Acoustic Nozzles 449620, 449621, 449819, 449820

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1/3 octave sound power less than 117 dB for Sapphire Suppression Systems

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The Acoustic Nozzle was tested in accordance with ISO ANSI Standard S12.51-2012/ISO3741:2010

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About Johnson Controls’ Building Technologies & Solutions Johnson Controls’ Building Technologies & Solutions is making the world safer, smarter and more sustainable – one building at a time. Our technology portfolio integrates every aspect of a building – whether security systems, energy management, fire suppression or HVACR – to ensure that we exceed customer expectations at all times. We operate in more than 150 countries through our unmatched network of branches and distribution channels, helping building owners, operators, engineers and contractors enhance the full lifecycle of any facility. Our arsenal of brands includes some of the most trusted names in the industry, such as ANSUL®, HYGOOD®, LPG®, Tyco®, YORK®, Metasys®, Ruskin®, Titus®, Frick®, PENN®, Sabroe®, Simplex® and Grinnell®. For more information, visit or follow @JCI_Buildings on Twitter.

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