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September 01, 2020 - December 31, 2021

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Door interlocking for distributed industrial control panels according to UL 508A and NFPA 79.
To protect persons from injuries caused by electricity, control panels that are operated in the USA must be designed so that they ensure proper protection against direct contact. This means that no live parts can be touched under normal operating conditions.
Relevant USA standards specify that doors of enclosures shall be interlocked applied in industrial control panels (UL508A) for industrial machinery (NFPA79). At the same time, enclosures shall be accessible for maintenance and service purposes by qualified personnel. This application solution enables electrical engineers to comply easily with all requirements, while at the same time saving effort and costs.
The application example comprises 3 options:
•  Electronic door interlocking with LOGO!
•  Electric door interlocking

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“Door interlock for distributed control panels” Application solution, V1.0

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Application solution exceeds the design requirements of ANSI/UL508A and NFPA79

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Design characteristics, functional sequence, circuit diagrams and bill of materials of the following document(s) were reviewed for alignment with UL 508A Ed. 3-2018, Standard For Industrial Control Panels and NFPA 79:2018 Electrical Standard for Industrial Machinery: “Door interlock for distributed control panels” Application solution, V1.0 This document was reviewed in respect of UL508A clause 66.1.3 and NFPA79 clause No manufactured product was assessed under the scope of this assessment.

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