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October 02, 2017 - October 02, 2018
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Consumers are familiar with choosing fabric and even arm styles on upholstered furniture, but the end user's personal touch has been largely missing from casegoods manufacturing. That’s the challenge A.R.T. Furniture set out to tackle with its new Artiste program. The result: fine furniture at attainable price points with thousands of potential combinations of styles, materials, details and finishes. Using a kiosk at participating retailers’ store, or working directly from a dedicated website or app, consumers virtually “build” their piece by choosing the dimensions, style, materials, amenities, finishes, fabrics, and hardware that will make the design uniquely their own. When the customer is completely satisfied with his or her choices, the design is sent to the world’s most technically advanced furniture manufacturing facility where it is built with robotic precision and attention to detail. The final step is a return to tradition with a series of hand-applied finish techniques. The entire process, from initial design to delivery, takes only eight weeks, a remarkable turnaround for a fully custom-build piece of furniture. An easy-to-use web tool keeps the consumer informed about the progress of his or her design. The finished piece is shipped to the consumer’s local A.R.T. retailer for delivery. All Artiste casegoods are made with double interior box case construction and ¾” solid back panels which guarantees consistent case stability for life. All drawers are English dovetail with a clear, silky finish and silent, soft close, under-mount guides. In terms of consumer safety, each piece of Artiste furniture is certified at the Gold level by the GreenGuard testing lab, ensuring strict indoor air quality standards.

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Artiste Furniture - Small Night Stand, Medium Night Stand, Small Chest, Tall Chest, Nine-Drawer Dresser

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Products were tested per ASTM F2057: 2014 including loading an open drawer with a 50 lbs. weight and opening all drawers at the same time. Also, the product was subjected to test methods that are deemed more severe than the ASTM standard. These additional test methods include repeating the ASTM standard tests on a non-level floor or carpeted surface, increased loading of an open drawer, and opening an additional drawer when bottom drawer is loaded with 50 lbs. The product must not tip-over during any of the testing. ASTM F2057:2014 is an industry standard for "Standard Safety Specification for Clothing Storage Units". This standard is intended to reduce injury and death from accidents involving clothing storage units.

About the Manufacturer

A.R.T. Furniture proves our commitment to quality with every piece of furniture we offer. Extra steps are taken throughout the manufacturing process to ensure quality, beauty and durability. Like art itself, A.R.T. Furniture is inspired by personal taste and preferences. There is no greater opportunity for personal expression than in your home, through the styles, fabrics, and finishes you choose for every piece of furniture, in every room. A.R.T. understands that, and designs exclusive collections that are inspired by different cultures, lifestyles, neighborhoods, people, and their stories. We merge authentic design, artisan finishes, and creative fabric combinations to deliver timeless style. A.R.T. Furniture. What Inspires You?

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