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March 03, 2023 - March 02, 2025

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GrydSense has developed an innovative industry first integrated proptech solution to help corporate real estate owners, large REIT players etc to manage their real estate more efficiently and effectively. This solution also reduces their carbon footprint to meet their de-carbonization goals, besides providing a healthy and high on experience space to office employees. We have successfully completed a project with global and fortune 500 clients and more recently our solution was nominated as a finalist for the Digie awards at IBCon, USA 2022 under best technology innovation category.
The solution consists of our pre-integrated software platform at its core along with, gateways & AI/ML based edge processing sensors and actuators. These sensors are wireless and work on Bluetooth mesh communication protocols, thus eliminating any crossing of paths with IT infrastructure.  The application runs on Microsoft Azure, it tracks occupancy of the office to the desk level in real time and provides analysis and recommendations which, different personas within a corporate can make use for enhancing business efficiency, provide higher quotient of experience to its employees, increase operational efficiency via its use by the FM team. This is done by enabling various use cases as applicable to different departments and personas.

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GrydSense: Spatial Intelligence & Sustainability solution (Software version - Cloud V 2.9.1, Gateway V 4.5, Integrated V 6.1)

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Building systems and products are evaluated across 6 different categories – Connectivity and Interoperability, Control and Automation, Digital Experience, Functional Value, Resilience, and System Cybersecurity. The assessment is performed based on the specifications published in UL MCV 1587, Methodology for Marketing Claim Verification: Smart System Verified to level Silver/Gold/Platinum/Diamond. Each category has different areas of examination reflected in sub-categories and the examination is based on a series of questions asked against the said criteria and published as part of the specifications. Customers are asked to demonstrate their systems’ capability to show that it meets the requirements and provide objective evidence to substantiate the claim.

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