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December 20, 2018 - December 19, 2021

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Fujisash had developed blast resistant doors in accordance with UFC 4-010-01.
In addition, we conducted shock tube testing following ASTM F2927 and achieved the damage level category III (UFC Level of protection: Low).
Blast condition;
Charge weight:  Type II
Standoff distance:  15m
We also supply the blast resistant windows which meet the requirements of UFC 4-010-01.
不二サッシ㈱は、UFC 4-010-01に適合した防爆ドアを開発しました。ASTM F2927に準じて衝撃試験を行いダメージレベルカテゴリーⅢを達成しました。(UFC保護レベル:Low)
またUFC 4-010-01の要件を満たす防爆窓も提供しています。 

* This information was provided by FujiSash Co., LTD and may contain additional information outside the scope of this Claim Verification.

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ASTM F2927 Category III Blast Resistant Characteristics Verified

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Product was assessed against the test method described in ASTM F2927 - 12, “Standard Test Method for Door Systems Subject to Airblast Loadings”, to determine the product’s Damage Level Category.

About the Company

Since Fujisash was established in 1930, we have been pursuing comfortable residential environments in buildings and houses through the sash window manufacturing business. In 1958, we started production and sales in the field of aluminum sashes - the first company in Japan to do so. Since then, we have participated in a number of large domestic and international projects as a pioneer of the integrated production of sash and curtain walls, and contributed to the creation of urban landscapes. And now, we have the core manufacturing technologies and ideas that we have cultivated over our history of more than 80 years. Using our cutting-edge research and development capability, as well as production and supply stability, we actively pursue and expand new businesses for tomorrow. This includes the renewal business, aluminum extrusion and fabricated products, environmental engineering, international operations, and the development of new materials, in addition to our core aluminum sashes and curtain wall business. 私たちは1930年の創業以来、サッシの製造事業を通じてビルや住宅における快適な居住環境を追求してきました。特に1958年に国内で初めて製造販売を開始したアルミサッシ分野では、一貫生産のアルミサッシ・カーテンウォールのパイオニアとして国内外のビッグプロジェク卜に参加し、都市景観の創造に寄与してきました。 そして今、80年以上の歴史の中で培った技術力と提案力を軸とした最先端の研究開発力、安定した生産・供給力を基盤に、アルミサッシ・カーテンウォールの基幹事業をはじめ、リニューアル事業からアルミ形材・加工品事業、環境エンジニアリング事業、海外事業、さらには新素材開発まで、未来を見据えて新たな事業を積極的に展開し、グローバルエンジニアリング企業を目指しています。

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