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The Hand Safety Tool Company, LLC

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October 28, 2019 - October 27, 2023

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The ShoveIt™ hand safety tool helps avoid hand injuries while working with suspended loads or maneuvering objects, maintaining proper body positioning for safe handling out of the line of fire. It enables users to guide loads, move and position pipes and tubulars, as well as grab slings and taglines without physically placing hands on the item.

The Hand Safety Tool Company

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SHSTXXYZ where: XX = Length in inches Y = Insert material Z = Handle type (optional)

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Push Rating of 2,300 lbs Pull Rating of 600 lbs

Verification Method

Samples of the tool were hooked to a load cell fixture where the compression (Push) strength and the tensile (Pull) strength were measured. A load cell plate was mounted to a concrete floor. The tool was either pulled on an eye-bolt or pushed against the plate while hydraulic machinery pushed or pulled on the handle. The force profile from 0 to failure was recorded. Maximum limits are defined as the point where the material fractures or plastically deforms and may be rounded down for reporting in the Verification Claim.

About the Company

Keep Your Hands Over a quarter million people suffer serious hand injuries each year. The Hand Safety Tool Company works hard to help buck that trend by creating hand safety tools that keep hands off and away from potential injury areas and workers out of the line of fire. Our products are the result of numerous conversations and in-field encounters over the last decade with key safety executives and boots-on-the-ground personnel to ensure each "It” tool we produce does the most important job of all – helps every user keep their hands. Our mission is to provide tangible solutions to reduce the impact of potential hand and finger injuries in all industries where hazardous conditions exist. We truly envision a world where hand injuries are no longer the number one recordable incident.

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