Contoured Nursing Pads



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August 10, 2020 - August 10, 2021

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Our breastfeeding pads are a game-changer for new moms looking for a way to manage the inevitable leakage that comes with breastfeeding your baby.

Contoured into a gentle curved shape for the ultimate in comfort, they feature a silicon matrix that grips to the inside of your bra cup so they won’t slide around or slip out of place.

On the inside, they’re lined with Confitex’s high-performance textile so they won’t let you down when you let down.

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Determine air permeability using SDL Atlas Air Permeability Tester - Results must be greater than 1 CFM (cubic foot per minute)

About the Company

The Confitex story starts back in 2013 on the pure alpine snow slopes of New Zealand, when two young endurance ski racers came up with the ingenious idea of creating high-performance absorbent sports underwear to give them a competitive edge during downhill races. But they quickly realised that leakproof underwear would also be life-changing for the one in three women and one in five men who live with light to medium urinary incontinence. And so, in 2015 Confitex was launched at New Zealand Fashion Week and made international headlines as the world’s first fashionable range of incontinence underwear. Fast forward to 2020 and, with the development of its superior second-generation absorbent textile, Confitex has launched its Just’nCase range of absorbent period-proof and pee-proof underwear and nursing pads for women, as well as a new range of trunks under the Confitex for Men label. Read more about Confitex on our blog.

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