Projected Lumen Maintenance of LED Luminaires



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March 24, 2021 - March 23, 2022

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XSY-HBDU150W-XXKHV -MNIB where: XXK=30K, 40K, 50K or 57K, represents different CCT; HV represents 200-480Vac; M = D or G, represents different mounting means - Ring Pendant (D) and Pole Mounted (G)

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50000 Hours Projected Lumen Maintenance At 70° C

Verification Method

The test method is designed to address the lumen maintenance of LED luminaires at a specific ambient temperature. The lumen maintenance is defined as the time when light output of half the product population has fallen below 70% of average initial light output for any reason. Projected lumen maintenance is based on LM-80 data of the LED module, driver reliability data in specification sheet and endurance testing.

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