LED Luminaire



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April 16, 2021 - April 15, 2022

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Osleepy Lamp

Marketing Claim Verified by UL

Low Blue Light Osleepy Lamp 90% below Exempt Blue Light Risk Group Limit

Verification Method

IEC 62471 Ed. 1.0, Photobiological Safety Of Lamps And Lamp Systems Measurement distance : Apply the distance producing 500 lux for GLS Conduct testing under worst case test pattern producing maximum optical emissions. Measure and record the level of blue light emissions. Based on the emissions results, determine the blue light risk category as one of the following: -Exempt -Clause 6.1.2: Risk Group 1 = ‘low-risk’ -Clause 6.1.3: Risk Group 2 = ‘moderate risk’ -Clause 6.1.4: Risk Group 3 = ‘high-risk’ Blue light emissions categorized as either “Exempt” or “Risk Group 1” satisfy as Verification of the claim “Low Blue Light Luminaire”

What is UL Verification?

UL Verification is an objective, science-based assessment that confirms the accuracy of marketing claims. Our independent assessment process scrutinizes the validity of specific advertising or promotional statements, giving you a way to separate verified fact from fiction.