LED Luminaire

Disano Illuminazione SPA
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April 28, 2017 - April 30, 2019
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LED luminaire with integrated electronic control gear

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Applicable To:
841 Minicomfort, 731 Minicomfort

Applicable SKUs:
153535-00, 153537-00, 153533-00, 143535-00, 153533-00

Marketing Claim Verified by UL

Low Optical Flicker Less Than 1% Up to 1000 Hz

Verification Method

The equipment under test is a LED luminaire equipped with LEDs rated 4000 K, integrated electronic control gear and secondary optical system. The luminaire is marked as non-dimmable and tests were carried out at the maximum (fixed) light output configuration. The corresponding waveform was captured via oscilloscope coupled to transimpedance amplifier and integrating sphere system.

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