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February 01, 2017 - June 09, 2017

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Sound Power up to 5000 CFM per 1/3 Octave Band, Regulated Flow < 110dB, Orifice Flow- below 113dB

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Fire test performance coverage areas of 12x8 feet for Upright Sprinkler and 14x10 feet for Pendent Sprinkler

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TESTING2 Model: 123XYZ Model: 456ABC Model: 789LMN Flux 123 un 123 un 123 un CRI 2234 km 2234 km 2234 km CCT 5 cm 5 cm 5 cm Polar Distribution 14 nm 14 nm 14 nm https://spot.ulprospector.com/en/na/BuiltEnvironment/Detail/32100/656872/3-Rug-Holder---WD16330?st=1&sl=54637470&crit=RnVybml0dXJl&ss=2 https://spot.ulprospector.com/en/na/BuiltEnvironment/Detail/32100/656872/3-Rug-Holder---WD16330?st=1&sl=54637470&crit=RnVybml0dXJl&ss=2

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