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March 28, 2019 - March 27, 2020
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PreVent Ventilator 2.0 - Manhole Ventilation Unit

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Active ventilation and exhaust rate of 0.2501 m³/s max

Verification Method

The device under test was installed in a fixture to ensure that the air flows freely and is not restricted. During test setup, steps were taken to smooth out any pipe edges as much as possible to mitigate the influence of edge effects. Just above the inlet, three holes large enough to accommodate an anemometer were drilled, approximately 120 degrees apart. With the ventilator powered at 100% duty cycle, the anemometer was inserted through one of the drilled holes and traversed straight across the pipe, up to half of its diameter, to obtain a velocity profile. Data was logged for one minute at one-inch intervals and this process was repeated through all three holes. Volumetric flow rate was calculated by averaging velocities measured at each interval, and integrating the averages over circular rings. The assumption is made here that the velocity is axisymmetric and constant through each 1-inch interval.

About the Manufacturer

Plenovo is focused on helping solve critical issues for vault owners and their communities. The real danger and damage of manhole explosions inspired the team to develop the PreVent Solution, the only manhole event prevention system. PreVent 2.0 is a complete solution with 14 patent pending technologies. We have serviced and participated in the utilities industry for over 30 years. The leadership team regularly presents and participates at industry events such as Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers (IEEE), Power & Energy Society (PES) and Insulated Conductors Committee (ICC). Plenovo is based in Kent, WA.

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