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May 09, 2019 - May 08, 2020
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BIOS Skyblue light engine is an LED board used by our architectural-grade lighting OEM partners, allowing for circadian lighting in highly aesthetic design.  BIOS Skyblue technology is spectrally optimized to peak at the 490nm frequency, meeting peak melanopsin sensitivity in accordance with the WELL Building standard.  This spectral technology provides daytime circadian stimulation in commercially acceptable color temperatures such as 3000K, 3500K, and 4000K.  For day/night use, bio-dimming is available to remove the skyblue frequencies via a simple dimming interface (i.e. 0-10V, DALI, DMX, etc.). 

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Applicable To:
SBL-830-140x20, SBL-835-140x20, SBL-840-140x20, SBL-830-279x20, SBL-835-279x20, SBL-840-279x20, SBL-830-289x38, SBL-835-289x38, SBL-840-289x38, SBL-830-289x19, SBL-835-289x19, SBL-840-289x19, SBL-830-303x19, SBL-835-303x19, SBL-840-303x19, SBL-830-559x20, SBL-835-559x20, SBL-840-559x20, SBL-830-560x24, SBL-835-560x24, SBL-840-560x24, SBL-830-560x40, SBL-835-560x40, SBL-840-560x40, SBL2-830-560x40, SBL2-835-560x40, SBL2-840-560x40, SBL3-830-560x40, SBL3-835-560x40, SBL3-840-560x40, SBA-830-270x270, SBA-835-270x270, SBA-840-270x270, DBL-830-140x20, DBL-835-140x20, DBL-840-140x20, DBL-830-279x20, DBL-835-279x20, DBL-840-279x20, DBL-830-289x38, DBL-835-289x38, DBL-840-289x38, DBL-830-289x19, DBL-835-289x19, DBL-840-289x19, DBL-830-303x19, DBL-835-303x19, DBL-840-303x19, DBL-830-560x24, DBL-835-560x24, DBL-840-560x24, DBL-830-559x20, DBL-835-559x20, DBL-840-559x20, DBL-830-560x40, DBL-835-560x40, DBL-840-560x40, DBL2-830-560x40, DBL2-835-560x40, DBL2-840-560x40, DBL3-830-560x40, DBL3-835-560x40, DBL3-840-560x40, DBA-830-270x270, DBA-835-270x270, DBA-840-270x270, DBC-835-11, DBC-840-11, DBC-835-19, DBC-840-19, DBC-H1-19, DBB-835-BR30, DBB-830-BR30, DBB-835-A21, DBB-830-A21

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Blue Spectrum Peak Emission at 490nm

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The peak emission wavelength was determined per LM-79-08, Electrical and Photometric Measurements of Solid-State Lighting Products, Section 12.0 Test Methods for Color Characteristics of SSL Products. Products with a measured peak blue emission within 1.5% of 490nm can be considered to support the marketing claim of peak blue emission at 490nm.

About the Manufacturer

Biological Innovations and Optimization Systems, LLC (BIOS) is a recognized innovator in the biological application of LED lighting. Through groundbreaking research and continuous development, BIOS LED lighting solutions are designed to improve the health and well-being of people, plants, and animals, while reducing energy use and creating a more sustainable planet. By integrating years of biological and horticultural expertise with science first developed at NASA for the International Space Station, and the latest advancements in LED lighting and controls, BIOS creates lighting technologies that deliver unparalleled biological and horticultural results. Located in Melbourne, FL, and Carlsbad, CA, BIOS continues to drive the convergence of science technology and expand its product portfolio of biological lighting solutions.

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