Gas-fired central heating boiler system


Vaillant Group (China) Heating, Cooling and Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.

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October 23, 2021 - October 22, 2023

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turboTEC plus, turboTEC plus balcony, turboTEC pro, turboMAX, turboMAX balcony, turboMINI, ecoTEC plus/pro/exclusive/intro series

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No leaks over 72 hours at 2 times the designed pressure static load

Verification Method

Assessed per Chinese Group Standard T/CECS 10012-2019, “Hydraulic block for gas combi-boiler and water heater”, clause 6.1: Shell Strength test. The water heating system under assessment consisted of a boiler, water distributor, water collector, floor heating pipe, and domestic hot water storage tank. The system was assembled per the manufacturer’s installation specifications. Water, as opposed to air, was used as the test medium. The system did not leak, crack or deform during the X.X Mpa, XX hour assessment.

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